Monday, February 29, 2016

Letʻs Put HIM First On Our List!

Howz it y'all!! Haha!

Can't believe that in a few days it will be March. Time is just going. The work is going great. We've found 2 new people to teach. So quick story, last month we went on exchanges with the seminary teacher, Sister Yanda. We asked her to pray about who she wanted to visit. She wanted to visit Sister Robbins who's grandson is seminary age but not attending. We talked to Sister Robbins and none of her grand kids came to talk to us till the end. We've made visits once a week since then & her grand daughters have been going to church & activities. Ella, her youngest granddaughter is 9 & not yet baptized. We are now going to start teaching her the lessons :) it's so cool to see how we went in planing to teach her grandson but now are blessed and are able to teach her granddaughters. We found that Ella's sister, Libby, loves to sing so when we go over to their home, we sing with them.  So awesome to see how powerful it is to work with members.
The Steinfels always feed them and Sister Steinfels gives them cooking lessons!
Our investigator Summer is going through a lot! PLEASE pray for
her!! We haven't been able to meet with her for 2 weeks now but, we stopped at her work place & she was so happy. The look on her
face was priceless. She told us that she just hasn't had anytime &
she misses us. We're hoping to meet with her on Wednesday after
school. Our other investigator, Jordan, is so awesome!! She's
learning & growing so much. We've committed her to pray about a date for baptism & to pray that her parents will be supportive of her
decision. Hoping all goes well when we meet with her tonight.
We've been meeting with the Hurst family & their daughter Ekko
had a friend over who didn't know what Mormons were & what we
believed in. Perfect missionary opportunity!!!  We ended up
teaching her about the first vision & we showed her the video of
Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong & she wants to learn more!
We're hoping to meet with her again this up coming week. We also
invited her to our "Movies with the Missionaries" activity this
Saturday :) hopefully she comes!!

I just LOVE this gospel SO much!!! I have a testimony that Jesus is

our Savior & that he & Heavenly Father, knows us & love us so much. I feel the love of my Savior everyday on my mission. I know that he is working miracles everyday. I know that our Heavenly Father, hears & answers our prayers. He's blessed my life so much. He's helped me understand that all our efforts count. Even the little ones. I know that if we put him first on our list, he will put us first on his list. At the very beginning of my mission, I was SO worried about home & about my family. I learned to just give it to the Lord & to allow him to help me. By doing so, I've seen him just take care of everything. He's blessed me with the opportunity to serve him & he has also blessed my family in so many different ways. With Bubs now preparing for his mission & with my sweet Hoewa'a family taking the discussion back home. The Lord truly works miracles if we but heed to his council & be obedient to his commandments. If we do what he wants us to do, he will help us push forward & endure well to the end so that we can receive everlasting joy.

Sister Walker (next to Kamalani) and another Sister from the Azle Ward
We have everything we need within the church of Jesus Christ and his gospel to obtain that joy for ourselves. As covenant children, we take upon ourselves the name of the Lord, which means that we take upon ourselves the work of the Lord. I know that the work of the Lord is so important! Let us seek ways & find opportunities to share the gospel with those around us each day. I testify that the gospel will change lives. It's such a humbling experience whenever I see our investigators learning & growing their faith in our Savior. Let's put him first on our list! I love y'all SO much & miss y'all everyday! Until next week my sweet ʻohana.  Thank you for the support and the love!!!!!!!

"Hurrah for Israel!"

Sister Kawa'a

Y'all can always reply to my emails :) & I can receive them any day of the week. I just won't be able to respond till Monday's come. But
anyways, I would love to hear how y'all are doing :) have an awesome week!!!!!  Here's my address if any of y'all want to send me stuff and thank you SO much for all the letters, care packages, goodies, etc. It really means a lot!!!!!
1045 Timberoaks Dr. #3
Azle, Texas 76020

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