Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 9: This Gospel is SO True!

Aloha my sweet ʻohana!!!!

How are y'all? This week was a quick one for us. It consisted of meetings, exchanges & tracking. We went to the Creek last Pday with our Ward mission leader, Brother Galloway. It was fun! We had yet again another awesome district meeting on Tuesday. We were counseled on the importance of using scriptures when we teach. It was SO good! I just love when us missionaries get together. It's always so fun & encouraging to be around other people who are doing the same thing that you are doing. My district is always so helpful. On Wednesday we did exchanges with the STLs (sister training leaders). I went to Hudson Oaks for the day & was paired with Sister Ramirez. She is such an awesome missionary. Their Ward boundries just changed to like 50 families from Hudson Oaks Ward who now belong to the Weatherford ward. It was a little crazy cuz they still were getting use to their new zone but it was a lot of fun & different being in the more city part of Weatherford, Texas. Still love the country better though haha.

Thursday we did our weekly planning where we plan for the week ahead of us. It always seems like it takes forever but I'm learning to have patience with it. This mission is seriously just a learning experience for me. I am growing so much in the gospel. Friday, we went on exchanges with Sister Walser who's a Ward missioanry. We
were able to meet with a lady named Kathy Ogden who had requested a Book of Mormon cuz her brother is Mormon & the guy that she is talking to is Mormon.  She wasn't home when we went to her house though cuz her daughter had to go to the ER but we met her friend who was there & we shared with her about the Book of Mormon & how it blesses & changes lives. She was actually really interested & said that she would read it with Kathy.
Movies with the Missionaries
Saturday was our "Movies with the Missionaries" activities. We originally had all these questions from our investigators & we had wanted them to watch these movies to help answer some of their questions. This small idea turned into a Ward event where we invited the Ward members to come & bring their nonmember friends.  It was so awesome!!!  Earlier in the day, we met with Betty & had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation. We then invited her to the movie night & guess what? She came & she enjoyed it!  It was a really good turn out & we had lots of support from the Ward. So many members are now waiting for the next "Movies with the Missionaries" & so we're hoping to have at least one, once a month. Fun missionary opportunity.
Yesterday, was fast Sunday! My favorite days ever even thought fasting seems like an eternity haha. Just have to have a good ind set when yo dating & remember the reasons why your doing so that you can just enjoy it. Church was good! Betty came to church! It was so good to have her with us. We got to hear so many wonderful testimonies from the members & I also had the wonderful opportunity to bear my testimony as well. I definitely felt the spirit so strong. Later that evening we had dinner with the Gilchrist family. The Father is on the bishopric & this family is definitely on of the families that I just grew to love. We also visited another Ward family & both Sister Matson & I got to share with their kids, the reasons why we wanted to go on a mission & serve the Lord. Every time I get an opportunity to bare my testimony about this gospel, the Spirit bears witness to me that this gospel is true. I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time, all the way through & really studying it. I have no doubt in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true. It is meant for us to help each of us in our lives. If you read it with a sincere heart & with real intent, you will know that it's true!
I am just amazed at Heavenly Father & with all that he has blessed me with. This gospel is SO true. It changes lives for the better. I know it & I cannot deny this gospel. I am blessed with the amazing opportunity to share it with so many others who don't know of it. I love y'all SO much & thank y'all for all the support! It real means a lot!!!!! I love youuuu & miss youuuu all!!!!! Have a good week! Until next week!!! XOXOXO

Hurrah For Israel!

Sister Kawa'a

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