Monday, March 28, 2016

Pray, Then Act!

Aloha e kuʻu ʻohana!!!
How are y'all? Hauʻoli lā pākoa!! Happy belated Easter haha! Well, it's now week 12 in the field. This week was a little challenging. Got a little sick. I guess I have allergies. Thank goodness for priesthood blessings & for meds haha. I am doing a lot better. So quick update, we haven't been able to meet with Ella this week cause her mum had to work 🙁 but, we have an appointment 
with her tonight so, please pray for her that all will workout. We've been trying to contact a lot of people this week & we've even had a lot of support from our ward mission leader who even came out with us on exchanges. It wasn't as successful as we thought it was going to be though, because like always, they ended up not being home. This week was another reminder for me to know that Heavenly Father truly does bless us for ALL of our efforts & for our obedience. Also a reminder for me to be patient & not give up!
The Lord's warriors!
5 of the families & people that we are currently working with came to church yesterday. A mix of less actives, new converts & a new investigator. It was a very humbling experience for me, to see them have that desire & that willingness to want to come to church. We as missionaries or members, plant seeds everyday with those that we come in contact with. We have the power of the Holy Ghost  to be lead to people who are yearning to either come back or to learn more about this restored gospel. We may not recognize it or see it but, Heavenly Father blesses us each day with his Spirit so that we can know what to say & how to help. D&C 84:88 says, "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I really do feel Heavenly Father & his angles round about me, everyday, helping me & bearing me up. Just need to be reminded to never give up!

CTR 5 sent letters!  So sweet!
Short experience. A few weeks ago, we had a less active member named Brian, reach out to us & want to meet with us. It was cool because, we had been trying to get in contact with him for a while now. We finally set a day to visit him & we had a really good visit. We even set up a ride so that he could come to church the next day & we set a return appointment to visit with him that week. Then, things didn't workout & he ended up not coming. Last week Tuesday, after our district meeting, we went to see him but, he was no where to be found & his phone wasn't working. A lady who lives with him came out & told us that he had packed his things & moved out. It was very disappointing & a little frustrating for me personally. I really thought that he was doing so good. After that, I just couldn't stop thinking about it & something kept telling me to reach out to him & call or text him. So, the next few days after that, we called him, texted him & left voicemails & still, no response. Then we got a random text from him on Saturday & both Sister Matson & I looked at each other so confused. Then we got a call & it was Brian! He explained to us that he wasn't moving & that he was going to be there at church if we could find him a ride. So, we set up a ride for him & we prayed for everything to workout for him & guess what? He came to church & stayed for all 3 hours! It was SO awesome. The power of the Holy Ghost is SO real & being obedient brings blessing. I am sure of it! I testify that if we allow ourselves to be sensitive to the Spirit, Heavenly Father will help us have opportunities to be guided by him to people who need our help. There are SO many opportunities for us to do so. It is our job to pray for these opportunities & to have the desire to listen to that still small voice & act on the promptings that we receive by our Father in Heaven.

General Women's Conference
I am learning & growing each day. I know this gospel is true & that Heavenly Father never leaves us alone. He will always be there for us, to bear us up in times of need. We are his hands in helping him build his kingdom. It's our job to help him bring his children back to him. I am eternally grateful for this time that I have now to serve him & do his will. It's not my time, but the Lords time! Thank y'all SO much for  ALL that y'all do!!! Thank y'all for the prayers, emails, letters & care packages. I love each & everyone of y'all SO much!! Have a blessed week folks! Pray for opportunities to serve others & share the gospel then, go out & act upon the promptings that y'all will receive! I testify that yʻall will change for the better & grow spiritually. Until next week My sweet ʻohana!!!! 😘

"Hurrah for Israel!!!!!"

Sister Kawaʻa

RS Birthday Celebration

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