Monday, February 27, 2017

Impacts & Testimony Builders

What's up my lovelies!!!!! How's everyone doing??? I hope y'all had an amazing week. Another week has flown on by. Week 62 came & went real quick. I continue to see the hand of the Lord in my everyday life & that has been such a sacred & humbling experiences for me. Even the little things. Here's how the week went, Monday, we had a really nice & relaxing pday. Spent it deep cleaning our apartment for inspections & let me just say, I actually enjoyed it. I know what y'all are thinking, "Tita cleaned something & had fun while doing it?" 🤔 hey, miracles do happen haha. Anyways, we had another awesome visit with the Sanchez family. I love this family so much!!!! We showed up at their house & they made us dinner. I love me some authentic Mexican food 😋 it was so bomb!!! We then watched a little video about the Plan of Salvation with them & we had them commit to reading from the Book of Mormon. They agreed to do so & we'll find out tonight if they've kept their commitment. This whole idea of "church" is totally new to them so please keep them in y'all's prayers! Tuesday, I didn't feel so great again...lame. I later found out that I have really bad allergies here & so I finally humbled myself & went to the doctor. Now I feel much better & I can breath! Haha. 

Valentineʻs fun!

Wednesday, we had another Zone Council. It was so awesome as most of our meetings are. We talked about the importance of goal setting & planning & how it will help us to continue to find & teach more effectively. We also talked about the power of prayer & how we need to be better alert & paying more attention to the promptings & revelations that we receive from the Lord. I can tell you first hand that it has been a huge miracle in my life. You should try it sometime. You'll definitely be a lot more sensitive to the Spirit & you'll be able to recognize it more frequently. It's really amazing. It builds your relationship with Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ & that alone is a huge blessing itself. Later that evening, Rockys mum canceled our meeting 😕please keep that kiddo & his mum in your prayers. We decided that we're just gonna "sneak attack" them next week, that way, there is no excuse. We miss meeting with him & he always asks our bishops wife when we're gonna come back. We know that it's just one of Satan's obstacles that we have to push through. Not giving up on him! We spent the rest of the evening with our favorite youth in Mansfield. Guess what? We may have a new investigator!! So this kid Cade, (one of the young men), brought a friend with him to mutual. His name is Alex. Well, Cade asked us where he could find a Book of Mormon & so Sister Eddington & I said, "we got one. Who wants it?" He introduced us to Alex & as we talked he told us that he saw a friend reading the Book of Mormon, & his friend told him it was a good read & now he wants to read it. I know, I'm shocked too. We then told him that our job as full time missionaries is to teach people about the Book of Mormon. We're keeping him close to us cuz this kid is very interested & receptive. He even came to church yesterday! That was awesome. 
Young Women New Beginnings! 

Thursday, we had our weekly planning day! It was a good one. Went by too quick for sure. We got to spend some time visiting with the sweet Reed family. That was an awesome visit. We had dinner with a family who has a powerful conversion story. They've only been members for about a year now & they joined the church because their daughter first joined the church. It just goes to show that the youth & young adults really do have a powerful impact on those around them. Ask me about their story sometime & I'll be happy to tell you all about them 😊 Friday, we went to Denton for Sister Eddington's doctor appointment. We call them "field trips" haha. We had another powerful lesson with Kenny!! We absolutely love this guy. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ & his whole countenance is just changing. It was very helpful to have members present during the lesson, cuz they were able to bare testimony about how the gospel has blessed their own lives & shared experiences with Kenny that helped him to understand more clearly. Mansfield is so prepared! All we do is show up & teach. The members are so involved & so engaged in missionary work. It's really powerful & strengthens my testimony a lot. It makes the missionaries job so much more fun & less stressful lol. I love Mansfield!!! 
Weird Snap Chat filter! One of the YW took our picture! LOL!
My favorite Francom!
Saturday, was a special day! We had lunch with the Mills. Love them so much!!! We had a lesson with Alex about service & why it's important to constantly be engaged in service. Then we went to the church to set up for the baptism for Michael 😄 earlier that morning, Michael's mum & step dad, went through the temple for the first time & received their own endowments. Such a sweet day for sure! Michael's baptism was filled with so many people who loved him. There were over 50 people there who came out to support him on his special day. Even Kenny came to witness & the Spirit was so strong during the program. You could definitely feel the love of our Heavenly Father, present that day. I especially felt it when we sang the closing him "families can be together forever." Such a simple yet powerful reminder to me of the importance of eternal families. As I looked around the room, little kiddos & their parents & even older people, sang with their hearts & you could just feel this out pour of love & gratitude for the wonderful blessings & knowledge of the gospel. It really made an impact on me. It was a sweet day! We had a good Sunday as we always do. Speakers spoke of missionary work & the blessings that come from attending seminary & Institute. During Sunday school, we got to play as "investigators" for the youth & they taught us as if they were missionaries. Another big impact was made on me. Their testimonies & knowledge of the gospel is so powerful. They're not afraid to be bold & speak up about what they know to be true. It was such a cool experience. 
Michaelʻs baptism

Our favorite Gallini
We ended the night with a sweet lesson with one of the youth. We started offering individual lessons to the youth, to help them be better prepared to share the gospel & it was been such a blessing to see the desire & light that they have in their eyes. They really are the rising generation & it's our job to nurture, love, guide & help the youth to be able to have unshaken faith & testimonies. I wanna leave you with my testimony of working with youth. It has been such a blessing to be able to work closely with the youth. They're faced with so much craziness in the world & to see these youth stand up for the gospel & fight for the right, has been such an amazing thing to witness. It has strengthen my testimony so much & they're going to be such powerful leaders of the church. Reach out to our youth, love our youth, spend time with our youth. As we do so, we'll be able to touch their lives & they'll do the same in our lives. I love y'all!!!! Hope y'all have an amazing week!!! Be safe!!!! Thanks for your love. Until next week my beauties ❤ 
The amazing Mansfield youth!
Young Women New Beginnings fun!

Hurrah For Israel! 
With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Lord is Protecting His Servants!

Aloha my fam bam!! 😊

      How's everyone doing this week?? Oh, SHOUT OUT to my Brudder Budda!!! Happy (belated) 19th birthday boy!!! 🎉 I hope you had a fun & safe one. I know Mum & Dad probably did the usual cake & ice cream & "Kawa'a style" happy birthday screaming I mean singing haha. Gosh, stop growing up!!! Making me feel old haha. I love you sooooo much!!! 😘 Well, another week has come & gone. Week 61 was filled with miracles as each week is. I will warn y'all. This is a long one so please be patient. I promise it's worth reading 🤗 haha. Last week Monday, Sister Eddington & I got to hangout with the other Sisters in our district. They live in the country side & they live with members who basically have a farm. We got to go on a little "hike" which was more of a walk lol. We played with pigs & caught chickens 🐓 haha. It was so much fun!!!! 
My favorite little piggy
After pday ended, we got to see the sweet Sanchez family. Oh my gosh!!! Thanks to your prayers, they are progressing so well. Still don't have a baptism date but they are coming along so good. We ended up watching the 20 minute video of the restoration with them & they loved it so much. During the video, the phone started ringing right when the most important part of the video was being shown. Sister Eddington & I both looked at each other with the thought that someone would get up, miss the scene & answer the phone. To our amazement, no one even moved & the Spirit was just so strong. As we talked with them about the video & all that they've learned so far, they opened us to us & said, "when y'all don't come, we feel this void. We're constantly thinking about y'all & wanting y'all to come back & teach us more. It's like we're craving to learn more." For Sister Eddington & I, that was something so very powerful. We could feel the Spirit so strong & their desire to continue to feast upon the words of Christ & learn is so there. Slowly but surely, their lives are continuing to be touched because they have a desire. They have an open heart & an open mind. Such a simple yet powerful example of the blessings that come when we open up our hearts & minds to the Lord. 
Cool treehouse on the farm!
      Tuesday, we had such a wonderful Zone Council about how powerful & instrumental the youth & young adults of today are, in building up the kingdom of God. We watched a really amazing training & got to see a couple new converts who are now serving missions & we got to hear their amazing conversion stories. There is lots of potential when we as missionaries work close with the young people & the youth of today. It's funny because all of my converts, expect for two, are all between the ages of  18-9 & their all very strong in the gospel still. The rising generation is such a powerful generation. Love them & their strong spirits. Okay, so here's where things get chaotic but miracles come. As we were driving home, we decided to take the back roads (which put us in the middle of nowhere) but we loved it because we saved lots of miles. Well, we took a turn on a narrow road & ended up a little bit off the road & then we heard "POP". We pulled over to see that our tire went flat 😒lame! It was super cold that day & so I was not about to change the tire. We immediately tried calling our zone leaders, then the vehicle elders but no one was answering. So we did what knew best, we got in the car & said a little prayer & not even a minute later, a nice man name Arnold came out of nowhere, asking us if we needed help. He said, "y'all get in the car. It's cold out here. I'll fix it for you!" It sure was a blessing in disguise. Thanks to Arnold, we were able to make it safely to firestone. Thank goodness we're friends with some of the workers there so they knew who we were & they got us all taken cared of. Miracle! The Lord is protecting his servants in his vineyard. I have no doubt about that! 
Our flat tire

Thanks, Arnold!
      Wednesday, we were supposed to have a lesson with Rokcy but they rescheduled last minute so, we went to mutual & had a wonderful & fun night with the youth. Michael had his baptism interview that night as well & now he's officially ready for his special day this Saturday!!! We're so excited for him & his family. Earlier in the morning, his parents will be going to the temple for the first time for their endowment. It will be a very special day! Okay so, here's where things get a little chaotic again but miracles still come. So, we were trying really hard to be obedient missionaries & the interview went a little later then we thought. Well, we hoped in our car & drove home hoping to be home on time. Right went we pulled in to our apartment complex, a cop pulls up behind us & turns his lights on. For those of you who know me, I've never gotten pulled over before so yeah, I was small kine freaking out. Panic attack real quick. Anyways, this nice officer comes & asks for my license & registration & so I give it to him, shaking & all. He sees that I'm from Hawaii & asks me why I'm here in Texas (small talk). Then he tells me about how he was stationed in Kaneohe & how everyone calls him "hapa haole" (while I'm still having a panic attack). Then he asks for our insurance, well, guess what? It was no where in the car. We turned the car upside down looking for it & it was no where. At this point, mind you, I'm at the point where my frustration is turning into tears & that's not pretty at all. We immediately started calling our vehicle elder, like 20 million times, & no answer. Thank goodness our zone leaders didn't go to far & came to help us try & find the insurance card. Poor officer could see & feel my panic & in the end, he even tried helping us find the card. Well, the card was no where to be found & so he started taking down my info. In my head I was being dramatic & thinking of all the worst things possible when he finally looked at me & said, "you know what? I see the sad face. You live here right? I'm gonna erase your information & let you just go home. It's late. Just make sure you have that insurance card in your car okay?!" MIRACLE!!!!! So we go home & about 20 minutes later there's a knock at the door & we here "Mansfield police." So we're thinking, "what now?!" Then I open the door & the nice officer hands me my license. He apologized for taking so long & he explained how he erased my info. How did find our exact apartment? Who knows. All I know is that the Lord watches over those who labors on his vineyard. 
My favorite twins!

      Thursday, we went to Fort Worth & that was fun. Then later that night, we had an awesome Preach My Gospel lesson with the youth. We talked about the Book of Mormon & how it can help us answer the questions of the soul. We did a role play on sharing the Book of Mormon with a friend & that was a powerful sight to see. All these youth bore testimony & explained to their friend why the Book of Mormon is so important to them. After the role play, we had then use their social media & post or text a favorite scripture from the Book of Mormon. Our recent convert Brandon, was so pumped & told everyone, "Ima tweet mine. I'll retweet yours if you'll retweet mine. Let's all tweet it!" He's the best kid ever. He is such a good example to me & so many. Love that kiddo!!! Friday, we had a powerful lesson with Kenny. It was very helpful to have a recent convert sit in & share her testimony as well. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom & as we committed him to live it, he willingly accepted to live it & he just had this big smile on his face. We watched the children's bible video about baptism & he loved it. We set a date with him for April 15th. We even went & showed him the font & his face just lit up. It was so humbling to witness & see his whole countenance change. He's very eager & is progressing so well. Thanks fam for keeping him in y'all's prayers. We love him & we love y'all!! Saturday, we got to do service for the Mansfield community. We helped set up for their auction/party fundraiser thing. I forgot what the exact name of it was but nonetheless, it was fun! 🤗 we ended the night on such a spiritual note. We went & stopped in at the Waldmann home. This home is one of the many homes where we feel safe & where it feels like home for us. I think that it's so important for missionaries to have that safe, "home a way from home" feel. I'm glad that my home was just that to the missionaries & still is. Anyways, we had a wonderful time with them. As apart of the lesson, we as a family, sang "love one another" then we each went around the room & said one thing that we love about the person sitting next to us. Such a simple but powerful lesson. The Spirit was so strong & as we were leaving, Sister Waldmann's husband, (who's basically a dry Mormon), opened up & said "our home is always open to y'all at anytime. Come over anytime!"  That was humbling & so touching to see & feel the Spirit so strongly.

      Sunday was amazing! Like I say all the time, I love covering 2 wards. Mansfield is such an awesome area with lots of potential. In both wards, the speakers spoke about missionary work & mainly how it's each & everyone of our responsibility to open our mouths, push a little harder & invite. Be a good example & share. It was so powerful. I love Sundays because it gives me a chance to reflect on the week & no mater how chaotic or hectic or crazy life gets, Heavenly Father never fails at helping me remember the little things. After all, it's all about the little things. Let's take the time to be a little bit more aware of those around us. We never know what someone else is going through & we'll never understand their exact pain, but we all know of someone who understands perfectly, & that is our brother, our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Take the time to get to know him a little better. Like I've said before, spend time with, cause he wants to spend time with you. I testify that as we do, our hearts will change. We will become even that much more closer to him & we'll be that much more sensitive, to the promptings of the spirit. We'll also be that much more willing & ready to act on whatever promptings we receive. I continue to see this not just in my life but also in the lives of who we come in contact with each day here in Texas. Family, don't forgot that I love each & everyone of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, support, prayers, emails, letters, care packages, etc. I'm humbled every time I receive a sweet email or a kind letter. I love each of you so much!!!! More importantly, our Savior & our Father loves each of you even more. I hope y'all have a wonderful week full of lots of miracles. Until next week my ʻohana! 

Hurrah for Israel! 

With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

Monday, February 13, 2017

Love is in the Air! Christlike Love!

Week 60 was a rocky roller coaster. I am reminded, time & time again that we need to have trials & hard times so that we can learn to embrace & more fully appreciate the good. Hard times help us grow, they help us love. Speaking of love, since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, (not one of my favorite holidays cause, it should be everyday 🤗) anyways, since it's the month of love, I'm gonna change things up. Today, I wanna share with y'all, different examples, where I've seen the love of Christ in not just my life, but in the lives of the people here in Mansfield. Especially over the week. In case you forgot, Jesus loves you! Remember, he died because he loves you! He wants you to be happy. Don't be sad, be glad. Find reasons to laugh, find reasons to cry, find reasons to have joy & find reasons to love. Love him, because he first loved you! 
Some of the Youth we love!
This first example comes from a boy name Rocky. He is an awesome kiddo that we got to meet last week, after not being able to get a hold of him for a while. We stopped by his home on Wednesday with our Bishop's wife, who is a teacher at Rocky's school. He absolutely adores her. On our way over to meet him, our Bishop's wife explained to us that Rocky has been struggling a little bit. It's just him & his mom & now he's growing up & maybe hanging out with the wrong crowd. When we knocked on his door & he opened it, his face was not the face that I was expecting. His eyes lit up & he was just filled with so much happiness & love. As we continued to talk, his mom said, "I was just about to contact y'all because Rocky has been asking for y'all to come & baptize him." Talk about perfect timing. The Lord's timing is so great. As we got to know them a little more, you could just feel the room begin to fill with so much love & happiness. This little 12 year old was a sweet example to me. The Lord's love can be shown even in the hardest situations. 
Next short, but sweet example comes from Kenny. He's so awesome! We met with him & we prepared to teach him the law of chastity. A lesson that can be a little awkward. Anyways, during the lesson, he was just absorbing everything like a sponge. We read with him a part from the pamphlet that says, "regardless of what you have done in the past, great blessings will come if you repent & commit now to live the law of chastity." When he heard that, he looked at us & was filled with so much love. It was a perfect reminder that we have a loving Heavenly Father who gives us multiple chances to try again. How grateful am I for that. 

      Next short example comes from Brandon. Oh my gosh! He's the best! On Sunday, Sister Eddington & I got to witness the most precious sight. After receiving his priesthood a few weeks ago, we got to see him prepare the sacrament. You could just see this light about him. When we talked to him after sacrament, he was filled with so much love. He couldn't stop saying how awesome that experience was. It was so great! 

      Next humbling example comes from Alex. We love him & his wife so very much! We got to go to the mission President Fireside with them last night. After the fireside, Alex & Wayne (our other investigator who also came) started talking. Next thing we hear is Alex baring testimony to Wayne of how he felt when he joined the church. He explained to Wayne that we call everyone "brother" & "sister" because we really are all brothers & sisters. Wayne never realized that until Alex explained it to him. It was a very powerful moment to see our recent convert, love, help & encourage our investigator as he takes a big leap of faith. Alex was filled with so much love. Funny part is, on our way home, I commended him for what he did & he said, "I was just talking." That's what it should be. We should just talk. Open our mouths cause we never know who might need to hear what we have to say. 

      Next & final example comes from Wayne. Long story short, he has been investigating since the 1980's. His first missionaries are now 50 years olds. The day of his lesson was a little bit crazy. I wasn't feeling good & Sister Eddington received a distracting letter & the both of us were praying for extra help from on high, & let me tell you, the Lord prepares you before you even know it. As we met with Wayne & as he was explaining to us some of his concerns & frustrations, I had a distinct prompting to set a date with him. Well, I told him "can we set a date with you?" & he said, "No! You think I've been asked that question before?" Then as he kept talking, I turned to Sister Edddington & said, "Sister, we need to set a date. Right now!" Meanwhile, from Sister Eddingtons point of view, she had been praying because, she too had a distinct impression to set a date with Wayne. So, as she was scrolling through her calendar, Wayne then said, "I've been really thinking about this. I've wanted to get baptized since last November, but things keep coming up & getting in the way. My son & grandson are only together on the 1st & 3rd saturdays of the month." At that very moment, Sister Eddington felt prompted to put his name down for March 4th, keeping in mind that she could always just move the date. Well, Wayne then went on to say, "I've even looked at March 4th, but the Stake family history activity is on that day." As soon as he said that, we both looked at each other & Sister Eddington showed him & explained to him what just happened. We explained to him that we would love to have a baptism in the evening & that this is coming directly from the Lord. We promised him that we would do everything & anything in our power to help him get there. On Sunday, he officially made up his mind & told Bishop that he can now announce it over the pulpit. We still are asking everyone for extra prayers. This was a huge example to me of the love the he has for the Lord & for the love that Lord has for him. If we are faithful & have a desire to do the right, the Lord will make it possible. 
Country livin'! 
Family & friends, this work is the Lord's work. I testify that as we continue to be obedient & try, even just a little bit, that the Lord truly will make up the difference. He is preparing people & we as missionaries are merely his hands, his tools, his instruments in his work. I'm honored to be part of such sacred work. I know that people struggle. Things happen. Life is unfair & things never go the way that we want it to go. People change, kids grow up, friends move away & loved ones die unexpectedly. Let's not forget that we have a loving Father in Heavenly & he has a plan. A plan called the Plan of Salvation, The Plan of Happiness (learn more on He wants us to be happy. I heard someone explain the difference between healing the body & healing the soul he said, "when we heal the body, it's always an inward effort, always paying attention to ourself. When we heal the soul turning inward doesn't work. When we want to heal the soul, we need to turn outward." It's my prayer that we each take some time to heal our souls by finding ways to lift those around us. Turn outward. I promise & I can testify that a greater light will shine & fill your broken hearts as you do so. You'll be filled with love. Not just for those whom you lift, but a greater love for our Savior will come. I love y'all!!! Have an amazing week gang 🤗 make it a good one! Until next week my loves. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Kawa'a 

With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Lord Will Make Up the Difference!

Howz it y'all ☺
Week 59 was one of being sick 😷 & also tender mercies as every week seems to be. Last week Monday we had an awesome lesson with Brandon. We talked about family history & we watched a really cool "member experience" video about their experience with doing family history. Brandon just loved it & he's so ready to get his family history started. That kid just continues to amaze me. Tuesday, I woke up with a fever 🤒 that wasn't fun at all. Thankful for members who step in & take good care of us. I have such an awesome companion who is so patient & loving too. Wednesday, we had district meeting. It was yet again a another good one. We talked about the doctrine of Christ & how it's important for us to understand it first before we go out & teach it to others. The doctrine of Christ is simple, it's faith in the Jesus Christ & his atonement, repentance, baptism (sacrament), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. I read a talk given by Brian Ashton, a member from the Sunday school General Presidency, & he said, "the doctrine of Christ allows us to access the spiritual power that will lift us from our current spiritual state to a state where we can become perfected." I thought that was kind of cool. It all goes back to our agency. Growing up in the church, we are taught correct principles but in the end, we have to learn how to govern for ourselves so that we can choose to become perfected like our Savior, Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father. I love that thought.
The Texas Fort Worth Mission
After district meeting, we found out the hard way, that Sister Eddington is allergic to raw tomatoes. Poor girl got sick & we had to take time for her to feel better. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad. We had dinner with the sweet Walter family. They live far out in the middle of nowhere & I just love it. After dinner, we went to mutual & helped 1st Ward with their young women's activity. The theme was faith & the activity was cool. We had each girl come in the room, blind folded. 2 young women were already in the room & they had to try & get those who were coming in, distracted & get them to follow them & not the still small voice of Sister Eddington & I. 2 of the young women almost gave in to the sound of the crowd while the others were steadfast & had faith in the still small voice. That simple activity reminded me of how easy it is for us to follow the loud noise of the world & simply walk away from that still small loving voice. Everyday we really are exercising our faith to make sure that it's the still small voice that were following & not the noise of the world. We also got to bare our testimonies as part of 2nd wards young women activity. They had a bon fire going & talked about how our testimonies are like a fire. It starts off small but as we continue to add wood & more things to the fire, then it grows to a big burning flame that will be unshaken. That was a powerful reminder as well to always have our testimonies burning like fire. Super awesome!!! 
Jenna, one of the fabulous Youth!
Thursday, we went to Fort Worth for counseling & then we had our weekly planning. We had an awesome Preach My Gospel lesson with the youth. We talked about the power and authority that we as missionaries have to teach the restored gospel. We asked the youth why it's important for us to teach with "power & authority" & they likened it to the prophets of old. Each prophet that was called of God to preach his gospel, taught with power & authority. One youth brought up the scripture found in Alma 17 that talks about how the Sons of Mosiah taught with power & authority. It was a tender mercy for me & a simple testimony builder of how sacred this calling is. We as missionaries have a sacred calling that allows us to have divine help from on high. Such a powerful thing to think about. Especially when things get hard & don't always go the way we intend. That's when we should be calling & relying on Heaven even more. The youth are amazing & I commend them for their courage, strength & faith. I love having the opportunity to work closely with them. 
Sister Waldmann took us to the Dallas Temple!
Friday, we got to attend the temple with Sister Waldmann. Love that lady!!! It was such a spiritual day. I didn't realize how long it's been since I went to the house of the Lord. I love it so much. I wish we could go more often but, I am reminded that my work that I am called to do right now is among the living & not the dead. How long has it been since you went to the temple? If you have to think about it, I highly recommend that you make the necessary steps so that you can attend. You won't regret it! 😄we also finished up Michaels lessons & now we're just getting him ready for his baptism on the 25th. Please keep him in your prayers!!! 
I love to to see the Temple (and be in it)!
Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed while my companion tried to contact former investigator in our area. We found lots of "not interested" people & one rude person. That was funny! 😂 we just continue to pray extra hard for those lol. We had dinner with the Mills family to celebrate Sister Eddington 1 year mark. It was so fun! They invited the whole family over & everything. They even made spam musubi so that I wouldn't feel left out 😍 we absolutely love them!!! We sat around the fire & had a really interesting talk about family history & the things that we know to be true. Alex brought up a question that he had & it was cool to see how his wife was so ready to just lovingly helping him & explaining to him our beliefs. They continue to amaze me. Ever since he joined the church, his whole life changed. His support system is amazing & I think that's so important for anyone to have, convert or active member. I just love it!!! 
Spam musubi! Celebrating Sister Eddingtonʻs one year mark!
Beautiful bonfire! We had a literal "fireside".
Sunday, was fast & testimony meeting. Michael & Kenny came to church. It's so awesome to see how the Lord will not give us a commandment that we can not keep. When we first started teaching Kenny, it was difficult for him to attend church cuz he worked every Sundays. but as I mentioned in my last weeks email, he now has Sundays off. I know that the only reason why this great blessing happened, was because of Kenny's desire. He had a desire to attend church, so he put in the effort & did what he needed to do & the Lord made up the difference. Isn't that amazing? All that is required of us is that we try. That's all he asks. I know that this is true. As we do the little things & make changes in our lives to live more righteously, the Lord will bless us abundantly & he will make up the difference. We just need to be doing our part. Make our will, his will. Love y'all so very much!!!! Make this week a good week 😘 until next week folks....
Hurrah for Israel!  
With love, 
Sister Kawa'a 💙

My new friends!!!