Monday, February 6, 2017

The Lord Will Make Up the Difference!

Howz it y'all ☺
Week 59 was one of being sick 😷 & also tender mercies as every week seems to be. Last week Monday we had an awesome lesson with Brandon. We talked about family history & we watched a really cool "member experience" video about their experience with doing family history. Brandon just loved it & he's so ready to get his family history started. That kid just continues to amaze me. Tuesday, I woke up with a fever 🤒 that wasn't fun at all. Thankful for members who step in & take good care of us. I have such an awesome companion who is so patient & loving too. Wednesday, we had district meeting. It was yet again a another good one. We talked about the doctrine of Christ & how it's important for us to understand it first before we go out & teach it to others. The doctrine of Christ is simple, it's faith in the Jesus Christ & his atonement, repentance, baptism (sacrament), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. I read a talk given by Brian Ashton, a member from the Sunday school General Presidency, & he said, "the doctrine of Christ allows us to access the spiritual power that will lift us from our current spiritual state to a state where we can become perfected." I thought that was kind of cool. It all goes back to our agency. Growing up in the church, we are taught correct principles but in the end, we have to learn how to govern for ourselves so that we can choose to become perfected like our Savior, Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father. I love that thought.
The Texas Fort Worth Mission
After district meeting, we found out the hard way, that Sister Eddington is allergic to raw tomatoes. Poor girl got sick & we had to take time for her to feel better. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad. We had dinner with the sweet Walter family. They live far out in the middle of nowhere & I just love it. After dinner, we went to mutual & helped 1st Ward with their young women's activity. The theme was faith & the activity was cool. We had each girl come in the room, blind folded. 2 young women were already in the room & they had to try & get those who were coming in, distracted & get them to follow them & not the still small voice of Sister Eddington & I. 2 of the young women almost gave in to the sound of the crowd while the others were steadfast & had faith in the still small voice. That simple activity reminded me of how easy it is for us to follow the loud noise of the world & simply walk away from that still small loving voice. Everyday we really are exercising our faith to make sure that it's the still small voice that were following & not the noise of the world. We also got to bare our testimonies as part of 2nd wards young women activity. They had a bon fire going & talked about how our testimonies are like a fire. It starts off small but as we continue to add wood & more things to the fire, then it grows to a big burning flame that will be unshaken. That was a powerful reminder as well to always have our testimonies burning like fire. Super awesome!!! 
Jenna, one of the fabulous Youth!
Thursday, we went to Fort Worth for counseling & then we had our weekly planning. We had an awesome Preach My Gospel lesson with the youth. We talked about the power and authority that we as missionaries have to teach the restored gospel. We asked the youth why it's important for us to teach with "power & authority" & they likened it to the prophets of old. Each prophet that was called of God to preach his gospel, taught with power & authority. One youth brought up the scripture found in Alma 17 that talks about how the Sons of Mosiah taught with power & authority. It was a tender mercy for me & a simple testimony builder of how sacred this calling is. We as missionaries have a sacred calling that allows us to have divine help from on high. Such a powerful thing to think about. Especially when things get hard & don't always go the way we intend. That's when we should be calling & relying on Heaven even more. The youth are amazing & I commend them for their courage, strength & faith. I love having the opportunity to work closely with them. 
Sister Waldmann took us to the Dallas Temple!
Friday, we got to attend the temple with Sister Waldmann. Love that lady!!! It was such a spiritual day. I didn't realize how long it's been since I went to the house of the Lord. I love it so much. I wish we could go more often but, I am reminded that my work that I am called to do right now is among the living & not the dead. How long has it been since you went to the temple? If you have to think about it, I highly recommend that you make the necessary steps so that you can attend. You won't regret it! 😄we also finished up Michaels lessons & now we're just getting him ready for his baptism on the 25th. Please keep him in your prayers!!! 
I love to to see the Temple (and be in it)!
Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed while my companion tried to contact former investigator in our area. We found lots of "not interested" people & one rude person. That was funny! 😂 we just continue to pray extra hard for those lol. We had dinner with the Mills family to celebrate Sister Eddington 1 year mark. It was so fun! They invited the whole family over & everything. They even made spam musubi so that I wouldn't feel left out 😍 we absolutely love them!!! We sat around the fire & had a really interesting talk about family history & the things that we know to be true. Alex brought up a question that he had & it was cool to see how his wife was so ready to just lovingly helping him & explaining to him our beliefs. They continue to amaze me. Ever since he joined the church, his whole life changed. His support system is amazing & I think that's so important for anyone to have, convert or active member. I just love it!!! 
Spam musubi! Celebrating Sister Eddingtonʻs one year mark!
Beautiful bonfire! We had a literal "fireside".
Sunday, was fast & testimony meeting. Michael & Kenny came to church. It's so awesome to see how the Lord will not give us a commandment that we can not keep. When we first started teaching Kenny, it was difficult for him to attend church cuz he worked every Sundays. but as I mentioned in my last weeks email, he now has Sundays off. I know that the only reason why this great blessing happened, was because of Kenny's desire. He had a desire to attend church, so he put in the effort & did what he needed to do & the Lord made up the difference. Isn't that amazing? All that is required of us is that we try. That's all he asks. I know that this is true. As we do the little things & make changes in our lives to live more righteously, the Lord will bless us abundantly & he will make up the difference. We just need to be doing our part. Make our will, his will. Love y'all so very much!!!! Make this week a good week 😘 until next week folks....
Hurrah for Israel!  
With love, 
Sister Kawa'a 💙

My new friends!!!

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