Monday, January 30, 2017

You Can Make a Difference!

My Noah!
Howdy my fellow beautiful people!!!! 🤗
Week 58 was yet again another fast one. Last pday, we found out that the trio is splitting up 😕 Sister Chisholm got called to be in Denton. We sure were bummed to hear the news but we were happy that Sister Eddington & I would be here in Mansfield for another transfer. Later that day, we hung out with some of the other Elders & Sisters in our zone & we played an awesome game of nerf gun war. Much needed fun activity for all us. It was so much fun! We had a lesson with Brandon that night, & he's moving forward so powerfully & so strongly. 
Nerf Gun fun with the other missionaries!
Tuesday, we went to Fort Worth for Sister Chisholms appointment. Field trip! We took the rest of the day so she could pack up & say her goodbyes. Sister Eddington & I took the next 2 days to clean our apartment so that we can give full attention to proselyting. It was hard work 😓 we didn't realize how bad it was with 3 women in a tiny apartment. Funny story, we decided to put all of our trash in a big sleeping bag, since our trash bags were too small, & as we were taking it to the dumpster, Mario (our Hispanic neighbor), saw us trying to carry it & asked us if he could help. Our initial thought was how funny would it be, if someone came out & saw the 2 of us carrying this big sleeping bag full of stuff. They probably thought we killed Chisholm since there were 3 of us & now there is just 2. Gracias Mario for assisting! 😂 
The fantastic trio has come to an end! A hui hou Sister Chisholm!
Brandonʻs last pic with the trio!

Wednesday, we said goodbye to Chisholm & got to teach young women's that night. It was so awesome. Just absolutely love them. We had a "missionary night" & we taught them the life of a missionary. We had a question & answer at the end & it was so powerful to hear their testimonies, of how they want to go on missions & why they want to go on missions. You never know how much of an impact you can make on someone. 
Some of the fabulous youth!
Earlier in the week, we got a text from our investigator Kenny. He reached out to us & told us that he wanted to meet 😃 we were so excited. We met with him on Wednesday night. Sister Eddington & I planned on teaching him The Plan of Salvation but, we both felt like we needed to go back & review things so, we decided to change the plans & review the restoration. Well, when we started our lesson, Kenny opened up to us & told us about how his uncle passed away earlier that day. My companion & I looked at each other & we both felt impressed to go back to our initial plan. We watched a little video called, "the Plan of salvation". It was super powerful cuz after the video, Kenny looked at us & said, "you know, it's funny that you showed me this, cuz I already knew it." The Spirit was so strong in the room. Sister Eddington & I both had distinct Impressions to set a date with him. My first thought was, "no ways. He's not thinking about baptism, poor guy is grieving." Then we both heard the Spirit say, "be still!" As we did, we looked at Kenny & with a big smile on his face, he said, "I wanna get baptized!" Talk about listening to the Spirit. We were over joyed! He also told us that he now has Fridays & Sundays off, which means he can now attend church. We're so happy for him. We know that the only reason why this is happening is cuz, he's doing the little things. He's reading, he's praying & soon he'll be attending church more frequently. That was an awesome experience for sure. 
The Poly Sisters - Pasikala, Kawaʻa, Taehia and ʻAlatini
We added Sis. Mapa in this one! She is TALL!
Thursday, we started our "Preach My Gospel" lessons with the youth. It was so awesome. I love the youth & their powerful testimonies. It was amazing to see their strong desires that they have to go out into the world & fight for righteousness. Reminded me of the story of the army of Helaman. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to assist my Father in Heaven, in helping my brothers & sisters become stronger & ready to face whatever life throws at them. It was so amazing!!! Friday, we got together as a mission & watched the world wide missionary broadcast. It was so awesome & Spirit driving for sure. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear from some of our amazing church leaders. It was a powerful discussions on how important our calling as missionaries are & how much we are loved, supported & cared for by so many. We also had slight changes in our daily schedule & key indicators, that will allow us to use our agency more often. This approach will benefit us not just now, but especially when we finish the mission & return home. We'll be developing habits on our missions, that we will take for the rest of our lives. I just love my mission & I'm definitely gonna continue to do the best that I can do. After all, all our Heavenly Father asks is for us to try ❤ 
The Sisters from Burleson
We went over & taught Alex that night, about eternal marriage & families. We watched a Mormon message called, "expressions of love" & we also talked about how family is so important. It was very powerful so see his sweet wife, bear testimony on how much the gospel truly does bless families & how much it's blessed her family. We got them started on doing family home evening together too. It was so awesome & I just continue to be in awe of how well he's progressing. Love them!!!! We spent Saturday with them too & helped them put up fencing for their horses. Funny story, what had happen was, I was not paying attention (as I was holding one end of the fence), & when Alex finished cutting his end, he lost grip of the fence & next thing I see is blood tripping down my face. The look on his face was priceless. He felt so bad!!!! Don't worry mum, after we cleaned it up, we looked at it & it's a tiny little cut on my forehead that looks like a pimple. It's all good 👍🏽
My new necklac - Texas will always have a piece of my heart!
Sunday was an awesome Sunday!! In 1st Ward, our discussion for class was on how important the little things are. Reminded me of a scripture found in Alma 37, "by small & simple thing, are great things brought to pass." This scripture is so on point. The little things that we do will bring forth huge amount of blessings. The simple example of one person will impact another persons life for eternity. We just never know. It was a super great discussions. In 2nd Ward, we had 3 wonderful young ladies give their farewell talks. The chapel was full of family, friends & loved ones who came to support these 3 amazing girls. They each bore unique testimonies on why they want to serve missions & how they each received different impressions that they should go. Watching them defend the gospel, & seeing & feeling their joy of the gospel, touched my heart so much. They will leave behind their homes, families, schooling, relationships, jobs, careers & all that they know & love, & will take a big leap of faith by going somewhere unfamiliar & maybe even far away. Yes it will be scary & yes times will be hard, but our Savior will be right by their side every step of the way. Bishop spoke for a little bit & talked about how they should never forget the love of so many who will be praying for them & cheering them on everyday. His hope is that the 3 sweet sisters will feel the love on their missions especially when times are hard. I want each of you to know that I know that the 3 girls will definitely feel the love that their ward family & eternal family has for them cuz I've felt each of your love & prayers on my mission. A mission is not easy work but it is worth it. I've never been so happy & filled with joy, but torn & broken all at the same time. It's a roller coaster for sure & I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've come to know my Savior on a more personal level. The Spirit continues to teach me as I get out of the way & let him in. Each of you can know & feel this same thing. I challenge you (like I've had before), to get to know your Savior. I've you think you know him, think again. There's always so much more to learn & love. I love each of you so much!!! Make this week better then last week was folks. Until next week.....paio mau e kuʻuʻohana!
Hurrah for Israel! 

With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

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