Monday, January 16, 2017

Code Red Alerts of All Kinds ⚠️🤧🌪☔️

Wassup my beautiful familia!!!! 
Sorry, not sorry for the super random subject. It was just SO perfect! So week 56 consisted of three code red weather alerts within 30 minutes, and yes, with this bomb trio and (more importantly) the Holy Spirit, baptisms are very likely in this neck of the woods. So first things first, THANK Y'ALL for keeping our investigators & us in y'all's prayers. We really do feel them every single day! Last week was filled with at least one powerful experience everyday (as most weeks go). Last week Monday, we had an amazing lesson with our brother Brandon. He basically was teaching us. We taught him about Law of Chastity & Word of Wisdom & it was so powerful to see him just except the invitation to live these sacred covenants. Got him all set & ready for his baptism. Tuesday, we went & saw the Sanchez family. It was so good. Their son, Jason, who is on a mission, constantly tells them in his emails to take care of the missionaries & more specifically to "FEED the missionaries." So cute him! Well, that's exactly what his family did. We had authentic Mexican food. We had sopa & tostadas with some super good Mexican sauce that I forgot the name for. They fed us well😋We had a good lesson & recap of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so awesome to see their hearts change right in front of my eyes. Powerful moment for sure.
Our investigator, Brandon!
Wednesday, we had an awesome Zone Council. So long story short, Burleson is a very new stake so therefore, the Burleson Zone is a very new Zone so, we are the pioneers. We set a clear & strong vision for our zone. It was awesome to receive trainings on obedience & the necessary steps to get to where we want to be. We talked about the impact we'll have on thousands in the future by the example we set now in this new zone. As we were talking, one of my lovely companions, Sister Eddington, shared some really cool insight on what she learned in her studies. She said that she was reflecting on her earlier studies of 1 Nephi & discovered the following, "As the Book of Mormon begins the Lord entrusts 4 brothers to be the pioneers of a promised land. All are men worthy to be leaders, who follow their father and the prophet in his journey. As their journey continues, others join their travels, but these four brothers are truly the leaders. Two decide to go in with hard, unteachable hearts, and the other two were humble and forever turning to the Lord. The difference not only affected them, but the generations to follow." The choices we make now as pioneers in this new zone will not just affect us, but all who follow after. Such powerful insight. Gotta love my companion. So here's a thought. The choices we make today, will affect our future. What does your future look like? Something good to ponder 🤔
The trio!
Thursday, we had our first lesson with our new investigator Sandy. She is the sister of one of our recent converts in the ward. She has been taught all the lessons & we had a powerful discussion on one of the big concerns that she has. At the beginning, we really had no idea how to address her concern, but with much prayer & faith, the Holy Ghost helped us dissolve her worries. I felt a promoting to ask her about the degrees of glory. At first, I hesitated cuz I thought that it had nothing to do with her concern, but then as we got to talking, the Spirit softened her heart & we were able to listen & follow the promoting that we received. Yet again, another powerful experience.  Friday, we had a lesson with our other investigator, Michael. Man, I love this kid. He's so eager to learn & grow in the gospel. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ & it was super awesome. I had yet again another prompting, this time the Holy Ghost was telling me to set a date with him. We initially tried to set a date with before but it just didn't feel right so I hesitated again to act on the promoting that I was receiving. With much faith, I opened my mouth & the Spirit helped me to say exactly what Michael & his family needed to hear. As my heart started to beat rapidly, I asked him if he would prepare himself for baptism on February 25th. He & his family committed to help him get ready for that date & he looked over at his step father & asked him to be the one to baptize him. The Spirit was so strong in the room!!! Lots of love for sure ❤
A member trying to say "thank you" in Hawaiian for the shirts I gave them! LOL!
Saturday was definitely an amazing day. It started off with the baptism of Brandon!!! My goodness! His support system is so strong. This kid has a heart of gold. He bore his testimony about how he now has the opportunity to share the gospel with those around him. Love that kiddo & his strong testimony 🤗 
Brandonʻs baptism!

The trio, Brandon and President and Sister Whitney (Mission President).
 Next was the baptism of Alex 😊 Boy oh boy! He too has a strong support system. He bore his testimony about how the gospel feels like home for him. He spoke about how the church truly is like the big family that he never had. It was amazing to see him share his powerful testimony with us. Love that guy!!!! Such a privilege to be apart of such sacred work. 
Alexʻs baptism!
Sunday, was a sick day for yah girl "kamalovely." I made it to both sacrament meetings, but had to go home right after. Being a sick missionary is not fun 🤧 My goodness!!! After dinner, so many code red alerts were coming in. First it was a flash flood warning, & next came a tornado warning. Then we got a text from a member that basically said, "Get in your bathroom now!!" Um yeah, Sister Kawa'a freaked out. But wait, another tender mercy happened. As I was trying to not panic, we knelt down & said a prayer, then I opened up my scriptures. I started to read in Alma 26 & just as I was reading, I came across a verse that said, "Yea, they shall not be beaten down by the storm at the last day; yea, neither shall they be harrowed up by the whirlwinds; but when the storm cometh they shall be gathered together in their place, that the storm cannot penetrate to them; yea, neither shall they be driven with fierce winds whithersoever the enemy listeth to carry them." Talk about having your prayers answered right away. I was immediately comforted & the Lord reassured me that we would be safe. This week has been yet again a week of powerful experiences & MIRACLES. Heavenly Father is so mindful of each of us. This mission is continuing to change my life for the better. Every day, every minute & every second, can & will be a changing moment. Let's make this week better then last week was folks. I love y'all so very much!!! Until next week.... 🤙🏽
Hurrah for Israel! 

With Love,
The missionary from the Islands 🌴


  1. Love the scriputre you read during the storms! Love you and your ray of sunshine and laughter! Hugs

  2. Love the scriputre you read during the storms! Love you and your ray of sunshine and laughter! Hugs