Monday, January 9, 2017

Count Your Many Blessings!

Malo e lelei!! Talofa Lava!! Hola!!! Aloooohaaaaaa 🤗
What's up my weekly subscribers. Another busy week. What's new here? Well, we have 2 baptisms this Saturday, January 14th. Did I say 2? Yes 2!!!! 😁 Our investigator Alex Mills will be baptized along with our other investigator Brandon Nguyen. Alex is a little nervous but is more then ready for this life changing event that will take place in his life. It's fun to see his testimony grow & his nature change. With Brandon, we totally ended up moving his baptism up last week. He literally is a golden investigator. So prepared & so ready (just like Alex), to make such a big change in his life. We met with him twice this week & he is more then solid. He's progressing & he said, "if I could, I would get baptized right now." Love that kid!!! Also, he asked us, "so when I get baptized, how fast can I go to the temple?" My companions & I looked at each other & we were like, oh my gosh, this kid is already working on his next ordinance. He's so awesome & his fire & Spirit is so strong. So proud of him & the changes that he's making in his life. He is a perfect example of truly making Christ the top of his priorities. I'm so pumped & stoking hard core for the both of them. 
Snow in Texas!
My BFF Noah!
We went on exchanges this week & thanks to social media, I think y'all already know where I went & who I went with haha! I had the privilege to go on exchanges with my Matasoni!!!! 😍 I went to Euless for a day & boy did we have fun. It was so crazy to think how fast time has gone by. Exactly a year ago, we were put as companions & she trained me & set the path for the rest of my mission. I love her so much & I'm sure gonna miss her when she returns home with honor in a few short weeks. I'm forever grateful for her loving example. Shoutout to the Matson family. Malo & Mahalo for raising such an awesome daughter!!!! 
The Vakalahi Family!
While I was in Euless, we met with lots of sweet families. Got to see familiar faces & meet people who've been waiting to meet me & vice versa. We met with a sweet family, the Vakalahi family, & had a super awesome lesson about the scriptures & the importance of not just reading the words, but feasting upon the words of Christ. The Vakalahi kiddos are so cute & very in tune with the Spirit. They told us that they want to go on missions one day too. They're just too cute & so willing to put the Lord first in their lives. Perfect examples for me of how we should continue to put Christ at the center of our lives.
Sister 'Ahau (Aunty Peti Hafoka's sister in Euless)

Sweet Aunty Ana aka Sister Ita'aehau
Aunty Ana's 'ono Hawaiian food - lau lau, poke, rice and mac salad!
Us with Sis. Taungatua
Some of the Euless Young Women!
Dinner with Sister Colon
We got to meet with a new investigator this week. Her name in Tanisha & she's yet again another golden one. We taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ & she is so willing to learn more & make necessary changes in her life. It was awesome!!! We also met another sweet person. Her name is Shauna & she's not a member. Long story short, she is currently going through a lot & found out about the power of priesthood blessings through one of her friends who is a member. We got a hold of her & she came to fast & testimony meeting yesterday & received a very powerful blessing from our bishop & one of his counselor. Before she left she hugged me for a while & with tears said, "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! Everything that happen & everything that was said today was exactly what I needed to hear." I then told her, "you have our number! You call us if you need anything." She hugged me again & said that she would keep in touch. We're gonna check up on her again this next week so please pray for her. 
Brynlee thinks I'm Moana! LOL!
Reunited with Sister Sa'afi!
Yesterday went by so fast & it was all so good. We had a totally of 7 investigators at sacrament meeting with the 2 wards that we cover. Our investigator Kenny came to church. Missed that guy!!! He's another solid investigator, just hard to keep in contact with. Oh & I almost forgot, we have another new investigator that we'll be meeting with on Wednesday. Her name is Sandy & she is a relative of one of our recent converts in the ward. We're so stoked & I'm beyond grateful for the blessings & miracles that we are receiving from Heavenly Father. It's overwhelming in a good way 😊
My Ally from Azle!
Last night was so sweet. I got to reunite with my mission family, Mama V, Pops & Brother Jacob came to our mission president fireside. The look on their face when they saw me, was so priceless ❤ I also got to see a less active, that Sister Slade & I reactivated back in Azle & it was so sweet. Her name is Sister Parr & when she saw me she told me the best news ever. She explained to me that she started her temple prep classes & will be going through the temple for her own endowments. With tears in her eye she said, "its all because of you. If you never asked, I never would've been where I am today. Thank you!!" It totally just warmed my heart to see a daughter of God be filled with so much love right before my eyes. 
The Watauga Sisters with Mama and Pops Villarreal!
Mama V - Sis. Villarreal from Watauga! Oh how I missed her!
Rebecca Yi
I am continually reminded of my purpose here. I want each of you to know how happy this mission had made me. Before my mission, I was always afraid of the future & the unknown. One thing that we've really been focusing on this week comes from Genesis 19:17 that says, "look not behind thee." As this new year has arrived, let's take the opportunity to leave the past behind a move forward with hope & faith in God. I know that as we do this, we will learn the true meaning of love & happiness. We will have no regrets & we will be able to look up to god & say like Nephi, "I know in whom I trust." My sweet family & friends, let's continue to have faith & be believing. As I'm reminded by one of my favorite songs, "there's a whole lot of light outside of my comfort zone." Let's get out the way & let God take control. Have a fantabulous week my BEAUTIES!!!! Love y'all so so so much!!! Until next week......
Hurrah for Israel!!!! 

With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

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  1. You spread sunshine everywhere you go!! Look how many life's you've touched in such positive ways I shall always be grateful to have you in my life. Love n hugs