Monday, February 27, 2017

Impacts & Testimony Builders

What's up my lovelies!!!!! How's everyone doing??? I hope y'all had an amazing week. Another week has flown on by. Week 62 came & went real quick. I continue to see the hand of the Lord in my everyday life & that has been such a sacred & humbling experiences for me. Even the little things. Here's how the week went, Monday, we had a really nice & relaxing pday. Spent it deep cleaning our apartment for inspections & let me just say, I actually enjoyed it. I know what y'all are thinking, "Tita cleaned something & had fun while doing it?" 🤔 hey, miracles do happen haha. Anyways, we had another awesome visit with the Sanchez family. I love this family so much!!!! We showed up at their house & they made us dinner. I love me some authentic Mexican food 😋 it was so bomb!!! We then watched a little video about the Plan of Salvation with them & we had them commit to reading from the Book of Mormon. They agreed to do so & we'll find out tonight if they've kept their commitment. This whole idea of "church" is totally new to them so please keep them in y'all's prayers! Tuesday, I didn't feel so great again...lame. I later found out that I have really bad allergies here & so I finally humbled myself & went to the doctor. Now I feel much better & I can breath! Haha. 

Valentineʻs fun!

Wednesday, we had another Zone Council. It was so awesome as most of our meetings are. We talked about the importance of goal setting & planning & how it will help us to continue to find & teach more effectively. We also talked about the power of prayer & how we need to be better alert & paying more attention to the promptings & revelations that we receive from the Lord. I can tell you first hand that it has been a huge miracle in my life. You should try it sometime. You'll definitely be a lot more sensitive to the Spirit & you'll be able to recognize it more frequently. It's really amazing. It builds your relationship with Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ & that alone is a huge blessing itself. Later that evening, Rockys mum canceled our meeting 😕please keep that kiddo & his mum in your prayers. We decided that we're just gonna "sneak attack" them next week, that way, there is no excuse. We miss meeting with him & he always asks our bishops wife when we're gonna come back. We know that it's just one of Satan's obstacles that we have to push through. Not giving up on him! We spent the rest of the evening with our favorite youth in Mansfield. Guess what? We may have a new investigator!! So this kid Cade, (one of the young men), brought a friend with him to mutual. His name is Alex. Well, Cade asked us where he could find a Book of Mormon & so Sister Eddington & I said, "we got one. Who wants it?" He introduced us to Alex & as we talked he told us that he saw a friend reading the Book of Mormon, & his friend told him it was a good read & now he wants to read it. I know, I'm shocked too. We then told him that our job as full time missionaries is to teach people about the Book of Mormon. We're keeping him close to us cuz this kid is very interested & receptive. He even came to church yesterday! That was awesome. 
Young Women New Beginnings! 

Thursday, we had our weekly planning day! It was a good one. Went by too quick for sure. We got to spend some time visiting with the sweet Reed family. That was an awesome visit. We had dinner with a family who has a powerful conversion story. They've only been members for about a year now & they joined the church because their daughter first joined the church. It just goes to show that the youth & young adults really do have a powerful impact on those around them. Ask me about their story sometime & I'll be happy to tell you all about them 😊 Friday, we went to Denton for Sister Eddington's doctor appointment. We call them "field trips" haha. We had another powerful lesson with Kenny!! We absolutely love this guy. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ & his whole countenance is just changing. It was very helpful to have members present during the lesson, cuz they were able to bare testimony about how the gospel has blessed their own lives & shared experiences with Kenny that helped him to understand more clearly. Mansfield is so prepared! All we do is show up & teach. The members are so involved & so engaged in missionary work. It's really powerful & strengthens my testimony a lot. It makes the missionaries job so much more fun & less stressful lol. I love Mansfield!!! 
Weird Snap Chat filter! One of the YW took our picture! LOL!
My favorite Francom!
Saturday, was a special day! We had lunch with the Mills. Love them so much!!! We had a lesson with Alex about service & why it's important to constantly be engaged in service. Then we went to the church to set up for the baptism for Michael 😄 earlier that morning, Michael's mum & step dad, went through the temple for the first time & received their own endowments. Such a sweet day for sure! Michael's baptism was filled with so many people who loved him. There were over 50 people there who came out to support him on his special day. Even Kenny came to witness & the Spirit was so strong during the program. You could definitely feel the love of our Heavenly Father, present that day. I especially felt it when we sang the closing him "families can be together forever." Such a simple yet powerful reminder to me of the importance of eternal families. As I looked around the room, little kiddos & their parents & even older people, sang with their hearts & you could just feel this out pour of love & gratitude for the wonderful blessings & knowledge of the gospel. It really made an impact on me. It was a sweet day! We had a good Sunday as we always do. Speakers spoke of missionary work & the blessings that come from attending seminary & Institute. During Sunday school, we got to play as "investigators" for the youth & they taught us as if they were missionaries. Another big impact was made on me. Their testimonies & knowledge of the gospel is so powerful. They're not afraid to be bold & speak up about what they know to be true. It was such a cool experience. 
Michaelʻs baptism

Our favorite Gallini
We ended the night with a sweet lesson with one of the youth. We started offering individual lessons to the youth, to help them be better prepared to share the gospel & it was been such a blessing to see the desire & light that they have in their eyes. They really are the rising generation & it's our job to nurture, love, guide & help the youth to be able to have unshaken faith & testimonies. I wanna leave you with my testimony of working with youth. It has been such a blessing to be able to work closely with the youth. They're faced with so much craziness in the world & to see these youth stand up for the gospel & fight for the right, has been such an amazing thing to witness. It has strengthen my testimony so much & they're going to be such powerful leaders of the church. Reach out to our youth, love our youth, spend time with our youth. As we do so, we'll be able to touch their lives & they'll do the same in our lives. I love y'all!!!! Hope y'all have an amazing week!!! Be safe!!!! Thanks for your love. Until next week my beauties ❤ 
The amazing Mansfield youth!
Young Women New Beginnings fun!

Hurrah For Israel! 
With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙