Monday, February 15, 2016

The Lord Doesn't Make Any Mistakes!

Aloha y'all! How's everyone doing? Hope y'all are having a good day!  So, this week went by really fast. My days go by in a blink of an eye.  Crazy! Anyways, we had a good week. Last week we had zone council and received such good, spiritual, training from other missionaries in the zone. It was really good. They really emphasized on the importance of working with members and Ward council. After the meeting we all ate lunch together at a members house (Mama Bell). We had waffles and ice cream for lunch. Talk about sore stomach haha. It's always fun and encouraging to be with other people who all have the same standards and goal as you have.

Reunited with Sister Black, her MTC companion, at Zone Council!
Zone Council
Fun tracking story. So, we went to visit a member and on our way back to our car we met a very interesting guy. I call him "duck dynasty" but he said he's name is Hippie. We later found out his name is Jack. We walked over to talk to him and his friend (who we found out is a less active) came out to talk with us. When Sister Matson shook Hippies hand, he grabbed her hand to kiss it and she quickly pulled her hand away. His friend turned to him and was like um you don't do that with them. Small kine weird, funny and awkward lol. After talking with him, we gave him a Book of Mormon and our card. He was so happy that he wanted 2 more cards to give to his friends. He even wanted us to sign the book and he wrote stuff for us on a card. We think he wasn't all there (high on something) but hey, we still tried to share the gospel with him. He even wanted to take a picture with us. Such an interesting guy for sure.

Duck Dynasty a.k.a. Hippie
This week went by quick for us even though most of our appointments fell through. They were either sick or out of town but, I am learning that working with members is such an important thing out here. I'm thankful that the members are always so eager and willing to do missionary work. Makes our job a little less stressful lol. We had awesome  spiritual lessons with members. Always learning something new every time I teach. Whenever we have dinner in a member's home we have
to share a spiritual message. When they say that the choice is ours
(which they do most of the time) we decided to share with them the importance of the sacrament. We also had them watch the Mormon message "always remember him." Such a powerful message and a testimony builder for sure. I always love hearing their testimonies and hearing how the sacrament blesses their life each day. Always so humbling. I think they strengthen me more then I strengthen them.

Sister missionaries rock!
Right now we are still working with our investigators. Summer's
baptism is coming up on the 27th so please keep her in your prayers.  We don't have any new investigators yet but we will keep trying.  Tracking is different then I thought it was going to be. Most of them wouldn't open their door to talk to us. I think they get scared when they see us. If only they knew that we're actually a lot more scared then they are haha. But anyways, tracking is fun. I like meeting new people and telling them what we believe in and how God has blessed our lives. Most of the people here in Texas already believe in God so they think their good. I've learned that having a belief in God is much more than just knowing him. It's constantly remembering him, remembering who he was, what he did and how he overcame so much. His
love is everlasting. He loves us no matter how many times we turn away from him. This mission is teaching me to truly change my heart. I'm learning how to love unconditionally.  Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much an now I have the opportunity to share my happiness with others. I love you all and I hope y'all are continuing to put the Lord first in all things. Always remember, the Lord doesn't make any mistakes. Never doubt and don't give up! Remember your worth and that God loves you, yesterday, today and forever. Have a good week my

Me ke aloha pauʻole,
Sister Kawaʻa

Happy 18th birthday to my "Brudder" Kamaehu love & miss you Buds!  I hope you have a special day spent with the fam. Aloha au iā ʻoe! 

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