Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 7 :) Get it Together Kawaʻa! Itʻs Gonna Be Ok!

Aloha my sweet ʻohana!  Well it's official, everyone thinks I'm
Mexican (or at least all the Mexicans do LOL) It's now week 7! Where does the time go? I have no idea!!! Anyways, so this week was filled with ups and downs. Normal missionary life. The work is going good. Can't complain! They feed us a lot here....I don't know if I should be worried or thankful haha. All I have to say is thank goodness we have to workout every morning lol. Last week for Pday, we got together as a zone one last time before transfers (when some of the missionaries leave to go to another area). We played glow in the dark scatter ball.  We had to cover our selves with lots of glow sticks. It was so much fun!! And yes, we set time to do our weekly emails as well. It's always fun getting together and being around others who have the same values and goals as you do. Always so encouraging and uplifting to hear each other's testimonies and experiences with missionary work.

Truly "Sisters" in Christ!
Our investigator Summer, will now be baptized on March 12 instead of February 27. We had to move her baptism cause she had lost a very close friend of hers in a head on collision. When we met with Summer she was so upset. She's taking it very hard. Talking to her brought back so many memories for me. It was nice to talk with her and share with her what helped me and what will help her as she goes through this difficult time in her life. PLEASE pray for Summer! We also didn't get to meet with Jordan (our other investigator) she also was close to the girl who passed away and then she got really sick but, we have an appointment with her tonight so hopefully everything works out :) She noticed that Sister Matson might be getting transferred at the end of next month so she said, "oh no! That means I have 6 weeks to get baptized before she leaves!" She's so cute and hey, you never know what could happen haha.
Serving the Lord!
We've been working a lot with both members and less active members.  Did I mention that I LOVE THEM!!!!!!  I think I mention it in every email haha. We've been going to the homes of the member and sharing with them the importance of the sacrament. We share with the them the Mormon message "always remember him." I highly recommend for all of you to watch it. It's a perfect reminder to us of the importance of the sacrament and the reasons why we take it. We also ask them what they do to prepare for the sacrament and how we can improve ourselves to be more better prepared to take the sacrament. It has really opened my eyes and hearing their own testimonies is the best part.  We haven't been having much success with finding new investigators but, our relationships with this Ward has truly gotten stronger.
Sister Kawaʻa and precious Eva!  She loves the Walker ʻohana!
I've come to truly love everyone and see them the way that our Savior sees and loves us. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things.  Being on my mission has taught me so much already and I'm sure I have a lot more to learn. This week has reminded me to get over myself and let the Lord take over. The Lord is working with us everyday and I see his hand in my life each day. When it starts to get hard and I feel like giving up I often tell myself, "Get it together Kawaʻa! It's gonna be ok!" I have been praying for help to just love my mission and lose myself in the work. I was reminded that there are so many people who are longing to serve a mission but can't due to health problems or other issues. I am blessed to be able to serve my Heavenly Father each day and there is nothing that I take for granted. I am so grateful to be on his errand, doing his will. Saying what he would say, doing what he would do and being who he wants me to be. I am far from perfect and I am learning that Heavenly Father wants us, imperfect people so that he can mold us and shape us into something better. I love and miss you all and I thank y'all SO much for all the support and encouraging
words. Until next week!

Press forward! Trust in the lord with all thine heart!

Me Ke Aloha Pauʻole,
Sister Kawa'a

Sister Missionaries in the Texas Fort Worth Mission!

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