Monday, January 4, 2016

PDay #3: Last Day at the MTC!

Today is Sister Kawaʻa's last day at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah!  Tomorrow morning (Tuesday 1/5/16) she will be flying to Fort Worth Texas.  Here are parts of an email we received from her today.

My last full day at the MTC!  Dang, it's been real!  I learned a lot.  Most importantly I learned to rely on my Savior and help others come unto Christ.  It's been a struggle, but I know that everything happens for a reason.  Heavenly Father only puts us through hard times so that we can learn and grow.  Like that saying, "There is no comfort in the growth zone, and there is no growth in the comfort zone."  It's bitter sweet to say goodbye to all the friends that I've made here, teachers that have taught me and even branch leaders who have helped me.  Already seeing family away from family.  I've very excited an a little nervous to be heading to Texas in the morning.  This morning I got to go the temple!  It was so awesome to feel the spirit and pray for strength as I continue my mission.  When I get out to the field, I'll get better at the "group email" thing.  I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer.  The Lord will never leave you, especially while you are on his errand.  My faith in Jesus Christ continues to grow each and every single day.  I love meeting new people and having them feel the way that I do.  I can't wait to meet the people of Texas who the Lord himself has prepared just for me.  Thank you, thank you for all the pics!  Keep them coming!  I got a care package from (Elder) Toki the other day filled with all kinds of junks and a little journal he wrote in.  I'm just grateful that he even though of me.  I also got a care package with cookies from (Elder) Medeiros' family.  So grateful for them as well.  Oh, and let Tutu and Papa know I got their box (:  Tell them I said THANK YOU so much!!!

Anyways, know that I pray for you guys everyday!  I miss you guys always.  Pray for me and the others who will be traveling to Texas tomorrow.  Pray that ll will work out as well because I'm small kine nervous.  You know me!  I'll be calling tomorrow as well.  I think before I board so around 9 in the morning Utah time.  Please answer!  haha.  Thank you for everything mum!  Give my love to the boys and kiss baby for me!  She is getting so big:( Glad she enjoyed nursery :) I love you all for forever & can't wait to hear from you.  I'll send pics next time cuz this is a ghetto computer and da ting no like work for me!  wehhhhh.  Anyways, continue to pray and seek the Lord in all things!  Keep looking at the moon and know that we're all under the same one, no matter how far apart we may be! Know that this is but a short time.  We will be together for eternity!  Soon I'll be reunited with you all :)


Sister Kawa'a 

P.S. -  E ho'omau i ka hana a holomua i na la a pau.  Na Ke Akua e malama a kia'i ia 'oukou ma ke alahele kupono e hele aku ai!  Aloha au ia 'oukou no na kau a kau :)

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