Monday, December 28, 2015

P-Day #2: She is Growing Spiritually!

Aloha ʻOhana!

I cannot tell you how amazingly wonderful Mondays have become for our entire family!  It is the day we get to read emails from our beautiful missionary, Sister Kawaʻa!  To add to an already special day, we also got her first handwritten letter today as well.  Here is a summary and some of her words that we would like to share with all of you.

We were eagerly waiting and checking our phones, laptops and iPads for an email today.  Then, all of a sudden, my laptop and phone dinged and the header read:  "EMAIL ISNʻT WORKING :(" Sister Kawaʻa shared with us that the entire site was down and no one could get into their emails.  She was able to use her personal email to send a message to us.  Here is what she writes:

Hi Mum!  So our e-mails for myldsmail.ent isnʻt working today but I thought I would let you know so you donʻt freak out! LOL! Iʻm super bummed that it isnʻt working! :( Anyways, I miss you all SO much!  It was so nice to talk to you guys and know that everything is going good.  Daddy made me cry and I miss baby SO much.  Give her hugs and kisses for me, please.  Ohhh, send me pics too!  Iʻm having fun!  Iʻm learning a lot and making my MTC experience a good one.  The best part is making new friends.  So, this week 3 districts are leaving which leaves just the 6 of us on Wednesday to welcome in 2 brand new districts.  We now have new assignments to help the branch out and Iʻm in charge of music.  Yay!!!  Iʻm excited and sad at the same time.  Sad to say goodbye to good friends but excited to meet new ones and help them feel comfortable.  Anywise, Christmas at the MTC was one I truly will never forget.  Iʻm so grateful that I had such an awesome opportunity to not only hear a talk from Elder Bednar, but also see David Archuleta live!  Heʻs AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!  We also sat around in the lobby and ate dinner as a branch.  It was nice to be together like a family and help each other especially during Christmas.  We ate, sang songs, laughed and just made the best of it.  Know that I miss you guys very much and think of you all 24/7.  I pray for each of your every single day!  Howʻs everything since the lat time we talked?  Love you all forever!  Oh, and my flight to Texas is January 5th at 9 something in the morning (Utah time) so Iʻll be calling you to let you now.  ALOHA AU IA ʻOUKOU!!!!!!  NO NA KAU A KAU!

p.s. did you guys get my letter?

Ke aloha nui,

Sister Kawaʻa

Shortly after her email we got her handwritten letter in the mail!  She had strict instructions for us to read it as a family (although I cheated) and she even labeled what to read first.  Typical Kamalani, still giving us orders even on her mission!  LOL!  In her letter she included a beautiful picture of the Saviorʻs birth and ask us each to reflect upon how His birth has impacted our lives.  She closed her letter by bearing a powerful testimony of the Gospel!  She is so excited to head to Texas next week.  Her companion, Sister Black, will be traveling with her along with two Elders in her district who are all going to Fort Worth to serve!  Ahhh, my heart is at ease.  I cannot help but bear you all my fervent testimony that this Gospel is true!  Heavenly Father knows us!  He knows us by name!  Just as we know and love our own children.  We are His children.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and as Sister Kawaʻa serves with all her heart, might, mind and strength, our testimonies are strengthened.  

She breaks her email time up into two blocks, so we usually get one last response before she has to sign off.  In her last email she wrote, 

Yes Mum!  Iʻm feeling much better.  Less homesick.  Thank you for the prayers!  Keep them coming!!!  I will try to write letters more often.  Haha!  Iʻm so excited for Texas, especially after meeting that one Elder from Texas.  Talking with him gets me so excited!  Love you all forever and ever!!!! "and when youʻre alone, and you feel so cold, just think of you and me, underneath the moonlight."

That is one of our favorite songs and the last song she sang for me before she left.  I had just been listening to it and crying and thinking of her.  Amazing how she knew just what to end with!  The Holy Spirit guides!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!


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