Monday, January 18, 2016

Week Two in Azle, Texas!

Aloha e ku'u 'ohana! 

Well, it's now been 2 weeks since I've been out here in Azle and on Saturday, I made exactly a month since I reported to the MTC. Time is just going by. This week was a weird one. I'm getting comfortable (which is a good thing I think). The Young Women call me "Tita Kawa'a" too cute. We met with a new investigator, her name is Summer. Such a cute young woman. She's so alert and just loves learning about the gospel. I got to commit her to baptism. Yay! I was so nervous but the spirit was so strong. The only thing she was worried about was drowning but, she agreed to be baptized on Feb 27th!  So excited and proud of her! We also met with a recent convert Ally and her mum came and sat in on her lesson. Her mum is not a member so it was awesome to have her there and she came to church yesterday.

Sister Matson and I did some service with a less active member (Sister Bartlet) who is such an amazing woman. Also an awesome missionary opportunity to help her slowly get back to church. I know her testimony is still there so that's a good thing. This week was kind of

rough. We set plans but they all didn't turn out the way we thought and the weather out here is so bipolar. One day it's a beautiful sunny day and the next day it's a cold overcast day. Weird! Anyways, we had to learn that even though things don't always turn out the way we want them too, Heavenly Father will be with us and bless us as long as we give it our all and try our very best.

My highlight is always meeting new people. Wether it be nonmembers,members or even less actives. This week I've been praying for patience and to be more confident and bold. The other day I was able to take the lead in a lesson and also give a Book of Mormon and pray with an investigators wife. It was so awesome. Heavenly Father is so great and truly does help you if you desire to have him do so. I'm learning early in my mission to always look for the positive even when things don't always turn out the way you hoped they would.

Yesterday, I gave my first talk here in Azle. I said, "my brothers and sisters, Aloha!" And it was so cute cuz the congregation replied back with, "Aloha!" Just loved it Apparently someone found out that I sing so they're expecting to hear me sing sometime for sacrament meeting. Nervous!!!! Anyways, I just LOVE this ward and the people here. It feels so much like home. I remember someone telling me that as you serve, you will find family away from family. It really is true. I have family away from family that I just adore. I just love this gospel SO much and I'm blessed to be a full time servant of the Lord. Heavenly Father is amazing and he will never leave us! Continue to do the little things and the Lord will help us and bless us along the way. Praying for you all each and everyday! Aloha nui au iā ʻoukou e ka ʻohana! Love you all family!

"For him I'll walk where I've never walked before"

Me Ke Aloha,

Sister Kawaʻa

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