Monday, June 27, 2016

It's the Little Things That Count!

What's up y'all?? Hope everyone's week was great cuz mine sure was!!! All I can say is my week consisted of miracles, miracles & more miracles!!!! In case y'all forgot, God is truly amazing! Ohh first things first,TRANSFERS!!! Guess who's getting transferred?? If you guessed Sister Slade, your wrong! Haha. I will be transferred to Watauga this week Wednesday. I'm excited but nervous! 
Love my comp!
Anyways, Monday we had our last district Pday together before transfers. The DL's (District Leaders) & the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) came up to Azle for the day & we made lunch & went to the Fort Worth Nature Center. We got to see a baby crocodile, snakes, turtles, birds, an eagle, an owl & lots of Buffalo poop but no Buffalos 👎🏽 We did see this crazy little spider that basically stared running after us. It was so ugly & kind of funny cuz the other sisters were screaming cuz they hate spiders. Buss laugh!!! It still was a fun filled day in the hot Texas heat. Talk about sweat for days 🙅🏽 We ended the night on a very spiritual note. We went over to the Zufelts home & had a lesson with a friend who's a non member & a daughter in law who also wants to learn more. It was so awesome. We were able to give them each a Book of Mormon & having members there to testify & help them through it all is so wonderful to see. Working with members is such a powerful tool.
Pday with the STLs at the Nature Center!
Tuesday we had district meeting which started late & ended early. It was still really good though. We bought them donuts that no one ate...merp! We did a role play about how to place a Book of Mormon while knocking doors. It's always awkward at first but we noticed that if us missionaries or members just start jumping right into to the doctrine, then the person receiving the message will have such a better understanding of making that spiritual connection that we want them  to have. It was pretty eye opening for me. It was great!! Later that evening we had a good lesson with Ms. Betty Riley who is slowly coming around 👌🏽 She told us that she told her kids, "If y'all don't start coming over on Saturdays instead of Sundays, don't come at all cuz I'll be at church!" She's so cute. It's so amazing to see how the Lord truly prepares those we teach to be available to continue to learn & grow & progress in the gospel. Later that night, we went over to the Walker home & started to help them pack & get ready to move ☹️ yes it's sad but change is good remember. Anyways, it still was a good day.
Donuts anyone? LOL
Wednesday we went over to Bedford with Sister Walser for Sister Slade's CAT scan. We also gave Book of Mormon to her radiologist. He was super sweet! We also had our first lesson with Don who's our new investigator. He learned about the church while he was in Utah & loves it so much. We got to set a baptism date with him for July 23rd. Then on Thursday, we had a really good weekly planning even though it can get kind of boring. We were kind of unsure of where to go for lunch & almost didnʻt go to the usual spot (Reds) cuz it looked packed but when we walked in it was perfect. Got to see some of the sweet relief society sisters who were doing their visiting teaching. Pretty smart if you ask me. Then we had a miracle, a sweet sister who we met a few weeks ago (who isn't a member), walked into Reds & recognized us. She explained to us that she's been trying to get in touch with us & that God had brought her to us cuz she's never been to Reds before. So amazing how the Lord works.

Friday we got to do some service for Brenda. She is such a sweet lady who is nondenominational but very much believes in God & the power of prayer. While we were with here, we were able to share with her how the gospel truly blesses families & the eternal joy & happiness that it brings to each of us. We gave her a Book of Mormon & invited her to read it & we also sang "I stand all amazed" for her & tears just started streaming down her face. The Spirit was so strong & she was so thankful & so happy. Before we left, we said a prayer with her & she then prayed for us. After the prayer she said, "y'all are my favorite sisters. God is preparing someone special for the both of us." We looked at each other & just laughed. She's so cute!!!!! Later that day, Sister Wolfe took us to Carolton for a meeting. On our way home, we stopped in at 'Anas Island Grill & I got to eat my poly food that I missed so much!!!! Had me some otai, laulau & sister Slade got kalua pig. I was a happy girl for sure 😊 later that night, we had another good lesson with Don at his home. He is so awesome & progressing really quickly. We mentioned to him that one of us will be transferred next week & he got really sad. It's always hard to leave when you've made such good friendships.
Much needed Poly Food! Lau lau plate with Otai!
Saturday we did service for Betty & continued to help the
Walker family pack up. It was fun! I love service. After lunch & before our next appointment, we noticed an ice cream truck that was parked at our church parking lot that looked like it broke down so what do good missionaries do? We went over to see if they needed help. Long story short, we got free ice cream & we also have them a Book of Mormon. It was great 😋
Free ice cream for giving service!
Sunday was yet again another good day. Sister Parr came & she also brought her son with her. t was awesome!!! Don also came & so did Chris!!! It was such a good Sunday! After church we meet with Sister Parr & her son & gave him a Book of Mormon. He was excited & eager to learn more. After that, we met with Jayden & then we had dinner with the Gilchrist & meet with Ally who we haven't seen in FOREVER!! It was so awesome to see her & to continue to teach her & encourage her.
Care packages from home!!! Thank you to my 'ohana!
This week has taught me so much. It has taught me that there are so many things to be grateful for. It's the little things that count. I testify that as we continue to strive to live the gospel each day, Heavenly Father will pour his blessing upon us. Like I always say, change is good!! Azle, will forever have a special place in my heart. I am sad to say goodbye to friends who have turned into family, but I am eager to move on & further the work in this part of the Lord's vineyard. I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Jacob chapter 5 (thanks mom) & it talks about how the Lord is laboring with us as we labor in his vineyard. It was such an eye opener for me & I can testify that he truly does labor with us. I feel him with me every step of the way. I feel his love & encouragement daily & I know that Heavenly Father is doing that same thing with each of his children just like how any good parent would do. I am humbled by the opportunity to set a side 18 months of my life to truly serve him & become more like my savior Jesus Christ. It's not an easy thing to do but it sure is worth it when you are able to witness a baptism or an endowment. It is truly life changing & I couldn't be any happier!!! I want y'all to know that I love this gospel so much. It has blessed my life & it blesses the lives of those around me. Let us remember the little things each day & cherish every day that we have. I love you all so so so much!!!!! Keep me posted on things that are going on back home. Thanks for all the emails, letters & care packages. I am spoiled haha!!! Have a great week my sweet ʻohana. Until next week 😘

If you would like my new mailing address, just ask my mom.  She's got it!

Love always,
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a

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