Monday, June 20, 2016

Recognizing the Lord's Hand

Aloha y'all!!!!

How's everyone doing??? I hope all of you fathers had a blessed Father's Day yesterday! Guess what? This last Thursday made 6 months in the field!!! Time is going by quick. This week went really fast. I feel like it was just pday yesterday lol. Anyways, this week was another blessed week. Last week we hung out with Ashlee for our Pday. Also had a good lesson with her!! She's doing so great!!! Tuesday we had our district  meeting. We talked about adjusting to missionary life. It was really good. We all gave trainings about different sections too. It was good! After that, we had lunch with the Sister Training Leaders & Sister Walser & then we went on exchanges. I went to Hudson Oaks with Sister Smith & Sister Booher went to Azle with Sister Slade. Sister Smith & I did some good tracting cuz we ended up having like an hour of spare time. I ain't complaining tho cuz this sun is making me more tan! yessah!! (Even though I feel like imma die! Lol.)
Visiting the Dallas Temple with Sister Slade
Wednesday, Sister Smith & I went & did service at Mana which is a store where everything is really cheap. Lots of used items. It was fun & good to see familiar faces. Then we had a lesson with Glen who's a less active in Hudson Oaks. He remembered me when I came up the last time & he thought I went home already haha he's so funny. He also gave me a referral for Azle. It was awesome!!!! After that, Sister Smith & I went back to Azle to do our exchange. Mana gave us little nerf guns so when we got to the Sisters, we shot them with the nerf guns & it was so funny! Let's just say, they didn't it expect it at all.
Dinner at the Lutz's home. She made fish, rice, adobo and mangoes for Sister Kawa'a. (Sis. Lutz is Filipino)
Thursday was my 6 month mark & Sister Slade's 3 month mark! We first did weekly planning. It was really good if you ask me! Then we had lunch at Reds. We then had a really good lesson with Ms. Betty Riley. She is slowing getting it & told us, "have patience with me, you never know what might happen in a few weeks." We know that she knows the gospel is true, we are just waiting for her to allow the Holy Spirit to testify of its truth. She's doing awesome. Pray for her! We also had another good lesson with Chris!!! He's praying for a baptism date & he really wants to make sure that this is what he wants. He's so awesome too!!! He's on fire right now & he thinks that everything just makes sense. Hopefully we can commit him to baptism when we meet again. Later that night our dinner appointment canceled so we bugged the Brazells who ended up taking us out to eat at one of my fav Mexican restaurants, El Cerritos! Super bomb!!! Then we had a good family scripture study with them. It was awesome!!
The Lutz 'Ohana!
Friday we went with Sister Brazell to Bedford so Sister Slade could get her meds for her CAT scan. Apparently it will make her stomach glow. Pretty cool!! When we got back to Azle, we visited a sweet older lady who just moved in to Azle Ward. She's so cute & her name is Sister Nickles. Love her!!! We also had correlation with Brother Galloway & Sister Walser. Then Sister Slade & I did a finding activity at the park. We took chalk & drew out the plan of salvation & people walked by. It was fun but it was VERY hot!!! This heat is crazy & summer has barely started. So not looking forward to it haha.
Sister Lona from Hawai'i!!!
Saturday, after studies, we headed over to Dallas to the temple to take Sister Sanborn to get her endowments. It was such a beautiful day!!! I love the temple so much. I wanna challenge y'all to take every opportunity that you have to attend the temple as often as you can. I know for me being an island away from the temple is hard but it is so worth it. We stopped in at the LDS book store & I met a Sister Missionary from Hawai'i. It was so awesome!!!!
Sister Sanborn (right of Sis. Kawa'a) received her endowments.
Sister Kawa'a is STILL a Tita!!!
Sister Sanborn hugs her sister, Sister Brazell!
Sunday was a good day. We got some sad news cuz our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Galloway, got released. We are sad but we are excited to work with Brother Farnsworth who has been called as the new Ward Mission Leader. Change is good!! One of our less actives who we are working with came to church. Sweet Sister Parr!!! We were so happy. All the lessons were on point too cuz they all talked about bring our lost brothers & sister back to Christ. Sister Parr loved every minute of it. We also had 3 different people, come up to us after sacrament & tell us that they want to learn more & get baptized. Miracle! God is so awesome!!!
Found the BEST sign out tracting!
This week has been a blessed week for sure. I am constantly recognizing the Lords hand in my life as I truly put him first. He has blessed me so much & I am eternally grateful. I want y'all to know how grateful I am to have the atonement in my life & to be able to use it. I love my Savior so much & each day I just want to become more like him. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be set apart from the world to do the will of the Father. It's not an easy thing but it's so worth it. I know that being exactly obedient brings blessings. Something that I need to work on daily but it's okay. The Savior who was perfect, yet he still chose to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness. He's such a perfect & loving example for all of us. Continue to put him first in your life & you'll see the blessings come & you'll be able to recognize the Lords hand like I have been able too. Transfers are coming up at the end of the month so I'll keep y'all posted if they transfer me. I love & miss y'all so much. Keep me updated on things....y'all can email me back yah know?! Haha. I know y'all are busy but anyways, I hope y'all have a blessed week!!! Until next week fam!

Sister Kamalani Kawa'a

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