Monday, June 13, 2016

Not My Will, But Thine Be Done

Texas weather! Got caught in a down pour!
Hey my beautiful fam!!!

How's everyone doing? Hope y'all took my Book of Mormon challenge last week. If you did, let me know how it went!  Well, my week went by quick. Last week Monday for Pday, Sister Slade went & got an endoscopy done. She was pretty funny after cuz she was so drugged out lol. We then went to empty nesters that night & hung out with the "seasoned" Azle Ward members. It was awesome!!! We ended up going to
Hurst for a meeting that ended up being cancelled cuz I got the times wrong. Good one! Later that night, the STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders) came up & Sister Booher stayed with Sister Slade (so she could rest), while Sister Smith came out with me to teach people. We had lots of fun! Wednesday was Zone Council. We now have 10 companionships in our zone & 2 companionships are trios so about 22 elders & sisters. It's pretty big if you ask me lol.
Left to right, the polys!!! Elder Rarotonga, Sister Suaʻava, Elder
Tupe, Me, & Sister Mose
Thursday we had service done for us. Sweet Sister Walker took us to Walmart to make sure we had stuff for the week. We also visited a less active sister later that day name Sister Kordes. She had lots of questions about the after life & stuff & it was so cool because we had been studying exactly that & we were able to answer the questions that she had. She was grateful & thanked us for helping her out. It was awesome to see how the Spirit works & how the Lord prepared us. Friday we went & started painting the Millers fence. It was fun & super hot!!! Then we went to Carrolton which is totally out of our area (out in Dallas) for a meeting. It was fun! That's where I met family!! Elder & Sister Meyers from Molokaʻi. Such a small world! Later that night, we had a lesson with the Hurst family. They're doing so awesome!!!!! Saturday we went back to the Millers house to finish up the fence. Started super early to try & beat the heat. This Texas heat is something else. We ended up having a little water fight with their nerf guns & that was fun! Later that night, we had a lesson with our new investigator Chris! He's so awesome & so ready for the gospel. Earlier in the week, we had asked him to read & study Alma chapter 32 about faith. That night when we asked him how it went, he told us that it was exactly what we needed to read. He had told us that he wished he knew about the "Mormon religion" a long time ago. We had him pray & pick a date for his baptism. Please pray for him!!
I found family from Moloka'i! Brother and Sister Meyer who are serving in Carrolton!
Sunday we had a good time at church. We taught the sunbeams class. Made miss my sunbeams back home!!! They're so cute & it's so awesome to see how alert & energetic they are about the gospel & about Jesus Christ. I think they definitely taught me more than I could ever teach them. Reminds me of multiple scriptures where it talks about how we need to repent & become like a little child. They are truly loving & honest. That's how we should be! It was awesome to teach them. Later that night, we went with Ashlee to President Ames last mission president fireside. The Hurst family also came too. It was so awesome. Truly a man called of God. It was so packed & there were so many people there, both members, and investigators, and less active members & missionaries. It was great & the Spirit was so strong.
President Ames last fireside. My loves, Sis. Ramirez, Sis. Matson (my trainer), me and Ashlee.
I want y'all to know how much I love being a missionary. I had a little call to repentance as I took some time to reflect on why I chose to be a missionary. It's so much more then just wearing a name tag & meeting new people. It's truly becoming who my Father in Heaven wants me to become. Our testimony can be strengthened every day as we study the scriptures & do the little things that he asks us. Someone once told me, "there's a whole lot of light outside of our comfort zone." I truly believe that! Like I always say, there is no comfort in the growth zone & no growth in the comfort zone. Of course things are going to be hard but it's all about how we react to certain things. Happiness is a choice! Let us continue to strengthen our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ & truly become what our Father in Heaven wants us to be come. He knows the potential that we each have as children of him. Trust in him! Forget yourself & truly put him first in EVERYTHING & I promise you that blessings will come. Not on our time, but the Lords time! As Jesus Christ once said, "not my will, but thine be done." I know these things to be true cuz I've seen it happen in my own life & in the lives of others. This mission is life changing & I'm excited to experience more ahead. Love y'all so so so much!!!! Have a great week my sweet family. Shoot me an email some time, I got
time :) haha. Until next week!!!!

Sister Kamalani Kawa'a 

Shout out to Elder Gong (of the seventy) for hand delivering my letter to my family. Mum & Dad, y'all don't know how hard that was too keep it a secret. Surprise!!! Haha. Love y'all!

The Weatherford Zone

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