Monday, June 5, 2017

The Lord Knows You Better Than You Think!


Aloha y'all!

      How are y'all guys?? I hope y'all been doing good & having fun always cause I know I am. My first week in Decatur went by so fast. One minute I was saying goodbye & next minute I was saying hello. Ima give y'all a run down of the crazy fun week that I had here in Texas. Last week Monday, we got to hangout with the Zone (all the other missionaries in an area) & play some good volleyball & say our "see you laters." Later that night we had a bon fire at one of our members house & it turned into a surprise birthday for one of the Hermanas (sisters) in our district. That was bomb! We even had a less active come out & a non member came too. It was so chill. Tuesday

Crazy pday fun!

Bon fire!

Surprise Bday!

Sister Lara

Sister Tutor

Jomeo & Josephine

Don and Rachel

Sister Van Zant 
The Fishers

Last pic with Sister Johnson

This is our second break up! LOL!
Last pic before we all split up

Tuesday Sister Johnson & I went around to say our goodbyes to some of our peeps & then we ended that night with a huge miracle. We had a baptism!!!!! 😄 Long story short, this guy has had like 3 dates before but kept canceling every single one of them. He just recently got diagnosed with cancer, stage 4 & with special permission, he was able to get baptized right before we left. It was such a beautiful baptism. The Spirit was so strong & lots of people came out to support him. I will never forget the Spirit of love that was felt there. It was a moment that I'll never forget. Great way to leave Temple. It's so funny cuz, when I found out that I was being sent down south, I cried & had so much anxiety cuz I did not want to leave, but when I got the news that I was being transferred up north, that familiar sadness came again cuz I definitely grew to love Temple, in the short amount of time that I was there. Funny how that works. Like I always say, "no comfort in the growth zone & no growth in the comfort zone." Lord knew that it would've been harder to leave if I stayed any longer. 
Ronʻs Baptism

      Wednesday started early. We got up at 5am & started packing the car up. We had to drive our car up since our area was being closed down. Your girl totally drove 2 hours & did so good. Thank goodness I was following a member who had the Elders & all our stuff haha. God is good! Transfers literally went by so fast! Before I knew it, I met my new companion & we were headed up to Decatur. I love my new comp, her name is Sister Casper & she's my first comp that isn't from Utah. We've already been laughing way too much & we're too much alike it's crazy haha. This will be an interesting 5 weeks haha. We had dinner with our ward mission leader & his wife & then we went out on exchanges with them. It was so fun! We got to see a guy who I was working with in my first area. It was so good to see the progress that he has made & to see how much he's grown since the last time I saw him. That was awesome! Thursday, we did our weekly planning & spent the evening at an investigators house who has such crazy little girls that are so funny. They had us laughing so hard. It was great. Friday, we spent the morning working on our rap that we're writing for a Relief Society activity. Super stoked for that! We spent the rest of the day trying to contact & find people. It ended up raining & storming really bad so we had to go home & wait it out a bit till the weather cleared up. We got to visit a less active sister, how is such a hoot. She loves anything & everything about Hawai'i & I ended up teaching her a hula noho. She was so thrilled. I love her so much already!!!! 
The drive to Hurst!

I drove for 2 hours!

My new companion, Sister Casper!

      Saturday, we spent most of the day stuck in traffic, okay not really but it felt like it haha. We first tried to see a potential investigator who basically lied to us & told us that he was busy & sick....we coming back for you Chuck! We got to visit with a sweet less active Brother & his nonmember wife who we're working with. Oh my gosh! She's literally my twin. We were cracking up with them & when they found out I was from Hawai'i, the conversation never ended. Long story short, his daughter is a Kumu Hula in Florida & they ended up calling her up & introducing her to me over the phone. That was so funny! It was so nice to talk to someone in Hawaiian again. It's been so long!Before we left, his wife turned to me & said, "you came here for me." We really connected & my prayer is that we'll be able to help her recognize the joys & the blessings that this gospel brings. Please keep her in y'all's prayers. 

We ended up getting a text from a family asking us if we were still coming to dinner & we were so confused cuz we thought we didn't have a dinner appointment. Funny story, on our meal calendar someone put "missionaries" instead of their own names. Come to find out, the sweet sister forgot to put her name down & instead wrote our names haha. We were just glad that someone signed up to feed us 😆Mahalo ʻohana Harrison! Sunday was bomb. I got to bear my testimony & introduce myself to the ward. Did the whole, "my brothers & sisters, Aloha!" & the congregation responded back with a big, "ALOHA!" It totally just warmed my heart. I love fast & testimony meetings. A wonderful opportunity to grow as we share & listen to testimonies being borne. 

      Just in case y'all forgot, Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ loves each of us so much. They know what we need before we even know it. They always know what's best for us. As I've mentioned, I don't do well with change & it often scares me & I usually have a hard time adjusting. Well, here's a perfect example of how God has answered my prayers & how he has given be that peace & reassurance that I am exactly where I need to be.Thursday at dinner, I find out that I totally know our members parents who took such good care of us missionaries in my first area. Every pday before transfers, Mama Bell would have us all over & feed us yummy waffles with ice cream. It's been a tradition for years. Sunday at church, I met the parents of one my favorite families in my second area. Shout out to the Blankenfelds. Then, we were asked to talk to the little sunbeams class about missionary work & I totally recognized this cute little girl who's family took such good care of us in my first area. Before she left, she ran up to me & gave me a big hug. It was the cutest thing ever. Just goes to show that the Lord loves us so much. He knows that change is hard for me & so he placed me in an area where I am able to reconnect with familiar faces. Heavenly Father is so amazing! I testify that as we turn our fear in to faith & trust in him, even if we may not understand, he will be with us every step of the way. Let us be more fearless & more trusting in God & our Savior. After all, they love us & they know what's best for us. I love this gospel so much!!!!! It just never ceases to amaze me. I love y'all SO much too!!!!!! Thanks for all that y'all do for me. Keep going y'all! Never give up!! Have a fabulous week & remember, SMILE!!! The world needs your beautiful spirits. Life's what you make it so make it good 
😘 until next week my loves!! 

Hurrah for Israel! 
Sweet Ella from Azle Ward!

Oh & HAPPY HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to my baby brudder Hiwa who just turned 17 & to my Daddy 😘 I love & miss big if y'all so much!!!!! Hope y'all had a super fun weekend. Oh & congrats Hiwa on graduation!!! The last of the Kawa'a bunch is done! Yay!!! So proud of you boy!!! 😊

With love, 
Sister Kawa'a

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