Monday, June 26, 2017

Have I Done Any Good In the World?

Top of the Mornin to yah!!!!
      This week was a week full of service. It went by so quick! We spent most of the week helping people pack up & move. Good news, we got to finally see one of our investigators, who I've never met since I've been here. Her name is Grace & she's currently trying to study the Book of Mormon & the Bible side by side. Oh & she also loves family history. I mentioned her in my email last week. She basically said, "once I know the Book of Mormon is true, I'll come to yalls church." She's so cute & her desire to know of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon is there. She's so great! Please pray for her as she takes up Moronis challenge, by asking God if what she's reading is true. I know that she will get an answer & that she will know & feel of its power & truth. 
My buddy, little James.

Shout out to the Lambs for hooking us up!
      Fun Story: We had a bible referral that we contacted this week, his name is Curtis & he wanted to meet us at a restaurant called Braums. Well, we go over there & wait for him & mind you, we don't even know what this guy looks like at all. I see this guy walk in & stare hard core at me but he just keeps walking, so I don't think much of it. Sister Casper & I were sitting there for a good 15 or 20 minutes at this point, & I start calling out for Curtis to every guy that I see that walks in. I even started singing his name at one point & my companion was dying from laughing so hard. I even turned to her & said, "watch him be sitting right behind us!" Well, we end up texting Curtis to see where he at & he sends us a text back that says, "I'm sitting behind you." I straight turn around & we all started laughing so hard. He goes, "I knew it was y'all this whole time. I just didn't wanna say anything." Thanks Uncle! Talk about awkward 🤦🏽‍♀️

We made a rap for RS and this was our "stage name"! LOL!
      Another story for y'all: We were helping one of our members move last minute, & we realized that we had no rope or anything to tie down some things in the back of our truck. We thought it would be fine but then we got a little worried. I ended up jumping in the back seat & tried to use my arm to hold it all up. Let's just say, I felt like my arm was gonna fall off every time that wind picked up & blew against it. We pull up to Walmart & decided to buy some rope when this random man comes up & asks if we needed help & some rope. Uncle goes & ties down the stuff & ended up telling us where we could get good role for cheap. Moral of the story is it okay to ASK FOR HELP & take the help when offered. We ended up using that rope the rest of the week. As we were thanking this man, he ended up telling us that this was the only good deed that he could do that didn't become a fail. He's been trying to seek opportunity to do random acts of service & we finally gave him one. He thanked us for giving him an opportunity to serve. Blessing in disguise 🙏

Did I tell you we LOVE to take pictures?

      This week has come & gone. I'm continuing to see the gospel bless my life & the lives of those around me. I was blessed with the opportunity to give a training at district meeting & we talked about the importance of talking with everyone & teaching when we find & finding when we teach. There are opportunities all around us where we can stand as a witness of Christ & be that good example for those around us. In Preach My Gospel (a book to help missionaries work), it says, "As those you teach experience the blessings of the gospel, their desire to share it will increase." I have seen this happen over & over again as I've been able to help my brothers & sisters learn more about the gospel. I've also seen this in my own life as well. I've seen how as I've studied my scriptures more earnestly, as I've prayed more fervently, as I've feasted upon the words of Christ, my testimony has been strengthened & my personal desire to share the gospel has increased dramatically. I've seen where I was 18 months ago & I see where I'm at today & it's amazing to recognize the eternal perspective more fully. I know that this is only possible through my loving Father in Heaven & my Savior, Jesus Christ. We all can have a desire to share the gospel with those around us. It can be in small ways. You never know unless you try. Here's a challenge for y'all, dive into the scriptures & then pray for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone in someway & ask Heavenly Father to guide you to that someone. I promise you that you'll come to appreciate the gospel & the blessings that come from being obedient & heeding the promptings of the Spirit. It will be amazing. I love y'all oh so very much!!!!! Thanks for the love & support!!!! See y'all in 17 days 🤗😘

Hurrah for Israel!!! 

Trying to do a selfie Sunday but squirrel scared me!

With love, 
Sister Kawa'a

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