Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Blessings and Joy the Gospel Brings

Aloha mai e kuʻʻohana i aloha nui ʻia ❤
I hope all of y'all enjoyed Conference as much as I did. If u neva watch um, den no worreh! Bumbai, u go watch um on da computah afta u repent 😛 well, this week went by real quick for us again. I feel like Pday was yesterday haha. Last week was Sister Willeys first Pday in the mission field. We definitely made it a good one. 
We love this Elder's shirt!
Tuesday we had district meeting. We changed things up & had a "get to know you" activity, followed by a very powerful & spiritual testimony meeting. We all bore testimony of the power that the Book of Mormon has & our purpose as missionaries without even knowing it. I love hearing testimonies of others because it strengthens my testimony too. It was so good & it made even closer as sons & daughters of God. We also got to teach Alana & a sweet little kid Aodhan. Please pray for the both of them as we prepare them for baptism.
More Pday pics!
😊 Wednesday, we went to the food pantry. Love it there!!! Thursday, we had weekly planning & interviews with President Whitney. I just love that guy. After interviews, we had an awesome lesson with Lynn. We re-taught him the restoration & that guy goes so deep. It was super good though yo see how he views things & how similar his views are to what we believe. He's basically a member already. Please continue to pray for Lynn. 
Goofing around with the comp.
Friday, we did service again. After service we went & continued to seek out new move ins & less actives. We totally got antied by a former member of the church. He constantly brought up different reasons why Joseph Smith is not a prophet & how the Book of Mormon is not scripture. All I could think about was "why?" It made me both sad & angry to hear someone who once believed, be so quick to deny everything that he once felt & knew. I will admit, Satan quickly tried to make me think that I was not qualified for this calling because I couldn't change this one man. Through the help of my loving companion, my Leaders & wonderful church members, I was able to realize & remember that I cannot take away someone else's agency. We all have the ability to choose. It is all apart of Heavenly Fathers plan. Our job as missionaries & members of the church is to merely support, nurture & encourage those who no longer believe or want to believe. 
Check out this dope sign we found! Yah, I'm a Mormon!
General Conference was such a huge answer to my prayers. Our leaders spoke about the power of the Book of Mormon & the blessings that come as we endure our trials & rely upon our Savior & his atonement. Saturday & Sunday were both spiritual & inspiring for me. I knew right then that my father in Heaven knew me & knew exactly what I am going through. I testify that the Book of Mormon is convincing evidence that Joesph Smith was & is a prophet. Only he, through the power of God could translate such powerful events recorded in ancient times.

I want you all to know how important this gospel is to me. I know without a doubt that this gospel is true. I am eternally grateful to those sweet sister missionaries, who never gave up & knocked on my mothers door 22 years ago. Yes, we have challenges & trials that make us question things but never doubt. Let us remember the words of Moroni & continue to press forward & be believing. Remember, life is hard, not the gospel. The gospel is simply & if we are doing the little things, we will be able to have joy in this life & in the next life. When life gets too hard to stand, kneel. I pray that we will help those around us & strengthen our brothers & sisters who are around us. I know that the Lord loves each of us. I have felt him multiple times throughout my life & especially on my mission. Thank you all for the prayers that are said on my behalf. I truly to do feel your love & support all the way here in Texas. Make a good week y'all. Never doubt the love that our Father in Heaven & Savior, Jesus Christ have for each of us. Let us strive to be more converted to them & to this gospel. Until next week y'all ❤Hurrah for Israel! 
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a😘
It's been a LONG week!
How we feel after a LONG week!

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