Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Always Remeber that Heavenly Father Will Never Abandon Us

Selfie for your Monday!
Talofa you beautiful people!!!! ❤This week went by so fast again. I guess that's a good thing in a way haha. This week was full of finding& teaching. Last week after Pday, we got to meet Dana & her husband Dustin. Their like super golden but also MIA. Their main thing is, they really want us to teach them when their children are home & they only have them on the weekends. It's been hard to catch all of them at home & she like never replies to our text or calls but every time we see them, their so happy & excited to learn. Please pray that we'll be able to be in better communication with them. We also got to go & see the Blackburns again. We reviewed lesson 2 with them cuz they had lots of great question & a little bit of confusion but, they understand & are slowly progressing which is so great 😊Tuesday, we had district meeting. I gave a training on "the role of the Book of Mormon." It was super good & everyone participated which made it a lot less stressful haha. After that, we went out to seek out some less actives & we got to set up a return appointment with one of them to do some service. After dinner with the Wagner family, your home girl got a little sick 😷 I just love my Leaders though. They're truly my brother who look out for us. I had to humble myself & call them & tell them what's going on & they like immediately dropped everything to help. I got a blessing from one of my awesome zone leaders & it was cool cuz some of the other elders in our zone got to participate. I just love the priesthood, & being able to witness such young sons of God exercise their priesthood was so awesome. The Lord truly does abide in our midst & the Spirit of the Lord was definitely present. 
My mission 'ohana!
Wednesday, we went to the food pantry! Our favorite place ever. It was so fun! Always neat to talk to people a little bit more about what we believe in & what it is that we do on our missions. Their reactions are usually super funny cuz they always say something like, "oh my! Y'all are so strong. I could never do what your doing." It really isn't a big deal to us cuz if you love God, then you'll want to keep his commandments & Why do we keep his commandments? Cuz we love God! Simple ❤ 
Halloween Fun!

Thursday, we did weekly planning which is super long but so worth it. Then we had like a super awesome lesson with Mr. Lynn Wolf. He's slowly progressing. We also were able to give  him a tour of the church later that night, using this super cool church tour app. That was like amazing. Friday, we went & did service again at the food pantry. Then we went to seek out both Less Actives & new move ins. We got to see Kristi Allen again. She's so cute. She was telling us about how she was thinking about us & then we showed up. She expressed to us that she really wants to work on coming back to church but right now life is so crazy, so we decided that when things start to slow down, we would help her get back to church. She has plans to open up & read her Book of Mormon while she's on vacation so pray for her that she'll do it & feel Heavenly Fathers love. After dinner we went & gave a bible to one of our referrals. Her name is Rachel & she's super sweet. We also got to give her a Book of Mormon & left her with our contact info if she had any questions. She was super legit but is also very active in the current church that she's attending. Nonetheless, she was so thankful for the Bible & Book of Mormon that we gave her &, she told us that she is more then excited to study them.
Signing the Furgos missionary table!
Saturday, we did service with the Cotton family & our district leaders helped us out. It was super fun but hard work. We totally ripped out their old garden. I just love service. I makes me so happy. Doing service can change our attitudes & truly does fill us with the love of Christ. "When ye are in the service of your fellowmen, ye are only in the service of your God." After service, we tried contacting more people but like no one was home but that's okay. Not giving up. After dinner with the fun Furgo family, we went to go & see Alana since it's been awhile. We found out that she's gonna be out of town till next week so it was super good that we were able to catch her before she left. We also got to talk about our church with one of the workers that work at the caring facility. I forgot her name but she was super cute. Maybe she'll be a new investigator? 🤔 You never know. 
My Ta'ahine Tonga Sister Pasikala!
Sunday was a fast day filled with meetings. Church was fun & we're currently getting everything ready for our "meet the Mormons" activity this weekend. Super fun activity that we came up with to help with the missionary work here in Watauga. Praying that lots of people come & that we get more investigators. We had our mission presidents fireside last night too & those are always super great. Other then that, it was been a fast week & this week is gonna go by even faster with the amount of meetings that we have! Well, I love y'all so much & I'm blessed by your support everyday. Times do get hard sometimes in the field but every day is truly a privilege. I know that this work is sacred & I experience miracles everyday. Always remember that Heavenly Father will never abandon us. Let's remember the little things & always look up. "Heaven is cheering you on. Today, tomorrow & forever." Until next week family!!!!! Love & miss y'all heaps ❤ nā ke Akua e mālama a kiaʻi iā ʻoukou. I kēia puke aʻe. Mai hāʻawi pio! Holomua & minoʻaka
Hurrah for Israel! 
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a😘
Giving service with Alice!


  1. Azle Ward still loves you, Sister Kawa'a, although we have many new families moving in, while others you know are moving out. The Church is always true. Don't forget to come back here someday! Tom & Rita Galloway

  2. Azle Ward still loves you, Sister Kawa'a, although we have many new families moving in, while others you know are moving out. The Church is always true. Don't forget to come back here someday! Tom & Rita Galloway