Monday, October 17, 2016

Heavenly Father Knows the Secret Pleadings of Our Hearts

Sister Matson (my mom) and her companion.
What's good in the neighborhood? 

      Wassup you beautiful people 🤗 okay so my weeks are seriously going by way too fast. This week consisted of meetings, miracles & little tender mercies of the Lord. Last week, we had a super chill Pday. Nothing too crazy happened. Tuesday & Wednesday, we went to the food pantry & did service. Love all those volunteers so much. We had a super good lesson with one of the volunteers name Christine, about how important families are & how we can be with them forever. She loved that idea. She didn't seem to interested in learning more right now but still, we planted a seed. Wednesday, we had like 2 bible referrals that we received. It was awesome. One of them was a family that is super strong & active in a nondenominational church. Rachel (the mother who requested the bible), was so happy to see us & before we left, we were able to give her a Book of Mormon & pray with her entire family, it was so great! We're planning on going by again this week to check up on them again. Please pray for her & her family 😊 

      Thursday, we had the super awesome privilege of having Elder Kim B. Clark & his wife come & have a conference with us missionaries. He is an area seventy which is someone who oversees & helps out a certain area of members in the church. It was so great. He taught us things that were so inspired from the Lord. Super cool experience, so, Sister Willey & I have been making it a goal to be more exactly obedient & striving to become more perfect teachers & that was exactly what Elder Clark taught us how to do. It definitely was a big answer to our prayers & it helped me personally in so many different ways. Something that stood out to me was a statement that was said, "obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." I can tell you that this week alone, I've seen little miracles & I truly recognized Gods hand in my life, on my mission & in the lives of those around me. It's been truly a humbling week. Another thing that stood out to me was something that Sister Clark talked about. She talked about how the Lord expects us to work. Study it out in our minds & then asking God first if it be right. She gave us 7 specific things that we can do as children of God, that will help us in missionary work. 
  1. Focus on Jesus Christ
  2. Follow him 
  3. Filled with faith
  4. Fear not
  5. Finding the Spirit 
  6. Feeling the Spirit 
  7. Finding people to teach/talk to 
She said that as we do this, Heavenly Father will bless us with the courage & strength to open our mouths & to preach the gospel to everyone. I thought that was such an eye opener. Yes, sharing the gospel can be scary sometimes, but we are promised that we will have the Lords help & guidance with us every step of the way. It was such a good conference. The Lord is so mindful of each one of our needs.  
Sister Clark and I. She was so inspirational!
Friday, we had our Zone Council where all of us missionaries in one area get together & have a meeting. It was super great. I later got really sick & was basically forced to take the rest of the day to rest. I'm grateful that I have such a loving companion who is so patient. Also grateful for wonderful members who gave me a priesthood blessings. Saturday, I wasn't feeling 100% but we still made it a point to go & do service for the Cotton family. Our district Leaders came & helped out & we had super good lunch after. 
Giving service!
Giant root I dug out!
We got to see Alana & teach her about baptism & repentance. She told us that she's doesn't want to commit to a specific date until she talks to her sister first. We bore our testimony that if it's her desire, Heavenly Father will make everything fall into place for her. She was very thankful for the support & we told her that we would be here every step of the way. Please pray for her. After that, we went & set up for our "Meet the Mormons" activity. It turned out really great. We watched the movie "Meet the Mormons" & after the movie, we had a display of the different auxiliaries in our church that people could look at & learn more about. Lynn & Lisa came & a few other non member came as well. It was so fun & so helpful for the investigators that came. Sunday was same old good Sunday. We got to see the Twendele family after church. Mimi just had her baby a few days ago. He's so cute!!! We found out that they're doing great. They had to push their baptism date back but please pray for them. 

The newsest member of the Twendele ʻohana - Little Chris!
      I love y'all so much! Every day is truly an amazing day. It's been
frustrating because I have been getting sick a lot this past week, which made the work a little difficult but, I can testify that as we continue to put our best efforts forward, Heavenly Father will do whatever it takes, to help us accomplish what he asks of us. Let us be courageous like Nephi & go & do the things which the Lord had commanded us to do. I have a testimony that only Heavenly Father knows the secret pleadings of our hearts. He can & will help us become who we were meant to become. These past 10 months has been nothing but growth, blessings & miracles. I love this gospel so very much & it makes me so happy to see others lives changed by the little things. It's the little things that makes all the difference. Thank y'all so much for all the love & support. I truly do feel feel the love each day. You are all in my prayers & in my heart. Hope y'all have a spiritual full of miracles!!!!! Love y'all ❤ until next week!
Forever my Taʻahine Tonga!
Hurrah for Israel! 
Sister Kamalani Kawaʻa 


  1. Youre doing an awesome job! Miss you here in Azle! Love n hugs

  2. Youre doing an awesome job! Miss you here in Azle! Love n hugs