Monday, May 23, 2016

Life is Hard, Not the Gospel!

Aloha family & friends!!!!
Hope everyone had a good week! This week was a little tough for us. Kind of struggling to find new people teach since all those who we were teaching are now baptized. We've worked a lot with our less actives & our members & we also did lots of service. Monday was Zone Pday at Mama Bells!! Talk about waffles for days! Tuesday we did service for the Haughwouts. They're moving soon & so we started to help them pack. We started Ashlee's new member lessons too! Wednesday, we did service for the Millers. Then we went on exchanges with Sister Walser & visited Brother Coker who came to church last week for the first time in years due to health problems. Love that man for his faith & desire to do good. We also visited some other less active members too. Then we went to mutual & gave a Book of Mormon to a member who's neighbor is interested. Hopefully it will turn into a new investigator.

Me and my comp!
Thursday, we had our Weekly Planning. We tried to do more contacting. Super cool experience though. So my comp & I have been having a little bit of health issues (nothing to worry about though). Sister Slade was in lots of pain that night & we had originally planned to go & visit the Walker family. I had suggested to her that she should get a Priesthood blessing from Brother Walker & she felt like she was okay. She told me that she had thought about Brother Miller & then convinced herself that she was fine. So I said a prayer in my heart & within minutes our phone rang & it was Sister Miller. She said that Brother Miller had a feeling to call us to check up on us & the both of us looked at each other & we were so shocked. Sis. Slade eventually agreed to getting a blessing & when we got there & before we even shared what happen, Brother Walker came walking in to assist Brother Miller in the blessing. Heavenly Father is sure looking out for us. The 2 men who we were thinking about were there ready to help us. Reminds me of a scripture found in Matthew 6 verse 8 that says, "for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him." Such a powerful experience for sure.

Friday, we did service for Sister Tucker & she later introduced us to her neighbor who is in need of some service. She's a sweet lady that is going through a lot so maybe she'll want to learn more. Perfect teaching opportunity if you ask me. After service, we had a lesson with Betty & Ashlee joined us. It was a good lesson. She's still stuck in her ways. Praying that she'll be able to understand & feel Heavenly Fathers love for her. We also visited Sister Parr who's such a sweet lady! She's also less active due to poor health but we really want to try & get her to church so she can go to the temple. It would be awesome!!! Saturday was the best!!!! We went to the temple for our mission temple day. We took Ashlee & Ally & Sister Sanborn with us. The Gilchrist also joined us & our Bishop/President surprised us. I love the fact that Ashlee is already supported & loved by SO many members. It really helps when you have recent converts & members working together. Fellowship is such an important thing & so powerful for our investigators & new members.
At the temple with the wonderful saints of Azle!
Temple day with Ally and Ashley!

Sister Sanborn
Sunday was also a good day! We had lunch with Da Queen Deb & Brother Honey Bun & their family. Love them!!! Then we went on exchanges with Sister Yanda & her daughter Stella. Visited an older lady who has a very strong Christian belief. She's so sweet though & it was awesome to meet her & hear her testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ & Heavenly Father. This mission is life changing. Here's a quote that I've been using a lot, "Life is hard, not the gospel." The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. His love is never ending. He loves us & will help us choose the harder right then the easier wrong. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith! My faith is strengthened every day as I do the simple & little things & I know that yours can be strengthened as well. Let us continue to follow his commandments & be obedient to his council. I love y'all SO much & miss y'all everyday!!!! Until next week my ʻohana!!!! Ke Akua pū!
Love always,
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a

My Azle ʻOhana

My favorite place in the whole world! The House of the Lord! Dallas Temple

Brother Haughwought and dinner???

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