Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Constantly Planting Seeds

Helping the YW prepare for Girl's Camp
Hey y'all!

How's everyone doing? Miss you all!!! Shout out to Mum & her students for a beautiful hōʻike that they had last week. I'm sure y'all were amazing! This week was yet again another busy one. We were supposed to have crazy storms & a tornado but it wasn't as bad as we thought. Hail was supposed to be bad too but having our power go out was all that happened to us. Not too crazy. Lighting & thunder here though is something else!! CRAZY!!! Lets just say I was small kine freaking out but no worries, all good!!! Haha. Last week Monday we had a district Pday. Played volleyball like all day. It was so much fun. Missed playing!!!
Little Miss Constance
Tuesday, we had district meeting & Sister Slade & I gave a tag team training on consecration. It was awesome. I love district meetings! Later that night, the storm was supposed to come & our power decided to go out. The storm was kind of fun but a little crazy at the same time. It was funny cuz that thunder came out of no where & totally made the both of us jump. You'll understand when y'all see the video. We also were trying to figure out why our wifi wasn't working & we later realized that the power was out, yeah mum, nothing changed haha. Wednesday, we did service with Sister Bartlett at good news. She's awesome!!!! Later that night, our appointments canceled so, we went to the young women activity at the Zufelts home. It was fun. The girls made a fire & we helped them get ready for girls camp.
At the Zufelts getting prepared for Girl's Camp!
Thursday, we helped the Streeter family pack up & move. They're such an awesome family. They made me Hawaiian Hay Stacks (which I've never had before). P.S. Hawaiians don't eat that haha. But it was super good! I got my rice fix Lol. We had an awesome lesson with Ella & her family. Getting her ready for her baptism this Saturday! So stoked. Super cool to see how supportive her family is of her. Just awesome!!! Friday, we helped Sister Christiansen pack up her house to move. She's a less active with a strong testimony. She's an awesome lady. Saturday, we did more service, this time we helped someone move in. I love starting my day off by helping others. It makes me happy!!! We also had a lesson with Jayden. He's so funny & doing great. Getting him ready for his baptism on May 14th. Excited!! We also had movies with the missionaries. We showed the movie, "the Testaments." Didn't have as many people as we were hoping to have but, our investigators came & so did Brian. It was fun!!!!
Sister Kawa'a's Mamas away from home!  So grateful for Sister Gilchrist and Sister Zufelt!
Sunday was fast & testimony. I love fasting even though I always feel like I'm dying haha. If you fast with a purpose & with real intent, Heavenly Father will bless you. I have a strong testimony of that. After church, we had a lesson with Ally & Ashlee at the Gilchrist home. Love these 2 girls SO much. They're doing so awesome & Ashlee is so solid. After dinner, we went to the church for court of honor & Ally & Ashlee were wearing our extra name tags. Crazy girls. I LOVE AZLE!!!! The members here are amazing & this mission is forever changing me. Most of the time as missionaries, I don't think we'll ever realize the impact that we have on someone. Whether they be active members, less active members or new investigators, we are constantly planting seeds where we go. It's been a real eye opener for me to see how Heavenly Father is constantly pouring out blessings upon us as we continue to be obedient & faithful to his council. I love y'all SO much & miss y'all, everyday! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! I can't wait to see some of y'all's beautiful faces & here y'alls voices next week when I FaceTime home!!! STOKING hard!!!!

Sister Steinfels aka "The Queen Deb"
"Hurrah for Israel!"
Love always,
Sister Kawa'a

Sister Kawa'a captioned this pic with, "Telling the horse I'm not gonna eat him!"  LOL!

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