Monday, April 25, 2016

Continue on the Straight and Narrow!

 Aloha e kuʻu ʻohana!!!!
How'z it y'all?? How's everyone doing? Hope everyone is doing well!  First things first, I am doing fine! This past week has been nothing but beautiful, clear skies. This week is supposed to be a lot more rainy though & we might have tornadoes coming our way but NO NEED TO WORRY FOLKS!!! The Lord is with us!  Just pray for us! Shout out to Budda for getting his Melchizedek priesthood. SO PROUD OF YOU BUDS!!!
Anyways, this past week was just awesome!!! It was filled with lots of appointments & service opportunities. It was legit! Monday, we had our normal preparation day. Tuesday, we had our district meeting & I gave my fist training on Agency & the Fall of Adam & Eve. Yes I was nervous but I thought it went really good!  The other missionaries who gave trainings did great too. Our district meetings are always good & filled with the Spirit.
PDAY with the other Sister Missionaries!
Wednesday, was a CRAZY day!!! Long story short, we did service in the morning, then while we were at the church, we saw a young man there, who's name is Tyler. We went over to ask him if we could help him & well, he had been trying to find a way to get back home to his family in Oregon. He came to Texas to try & reconnect with his mom, but things didn't work out & he has been living in a homeless shelter that had just kicked him out. We found out that he's Mormon but very less active so we gave him a Book of Mormon & a Bible & we had a little lesson with him. We also got our members to help him out. It was SO good. They got him a motel for the night & the next day they drove him to the bus station & payed for him to get back to Oregon. It was so awesome to see a ward come together to help this young man get home to his family. It literally was a miracle!!!
Thursday, was a normal but good day. We had our weekly planning where we plan for the next week. We also got to meet with our investigator Ashlee who is just on fire!!!! She's doing SO awesome & keeping all of her commitments. Love that girl!!! Friday, we did service for the Qualls family. We helped them move from one house to another. We also contacted a referral who requested a bible. His name is Jesse & he's so sweet. He was very surprised (in a good way), to see us because he thought that the bible was going to be mailed to him. We asked him if he heard about the Book of Mormon & he said no so, we taught him about the Book of Mormon & he was very excited to read it. He was going tobe out of town for the weekend so he said that he would call us when he gets back so we can teach him more. We're hoping he calls us this week. If not, we'll call him!
Saturday, we did more service! We had planned to help Sister Tucker out but she had to clean the chapel so we went over to the church to help them clean the chapel. It was awesome!! I love starting off the day by helping others. It makes me SO happy!!! After that, we got to meet with 9 year old Jayden, who has a baptism date for May 14th. He's so cute. Later that evening, we went with the Reinhard's to the stake center in Weatherford for a stake ward council training. Elder Foster of the Seventy trained us. I thought it was SO good. He talked about how if we know the why, then we will know the how. If we know why we're here & if we know our purpose in this life, then we will know how to fulfill our purpose & the reasons why we do things. Our goal in this life is to live as families & to prepare to return to live with Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ in the next life. In order for us to do so, we must continue on the straight & narrow. Continue to go to church, read the scriptures & pray often. We also need to help our lost brothers & sisters come back to the fold. I love my mission SO much. It is seriously, life changing! If we allow Heavenly Father to take over, he will make us become who we truly are. He knows each of us & knows our true potential. We need to trust in him & accept his will. I love you all SO much & I miss you guys!!! Thank you for all the love & support!!! Until next week family! :)

Sister Kawa'a

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