Monday, March 27, 2017

By Small & Simple Things Are Great Things Brought to Pass!

Top of the morning to yah! 🤓 
Who says they have no allergies? Guess what, come to Texas & you'll get allergies real quick lol. Allergies have gotten the best of us last week but hey, even a little allergies isn't gonna slow us down or stop the work from progressing. Another week has come & gone. We spent it trying to get better & trying to find, find & find. We weren't able to see most of our investigators last week, but we're planning a "sneak attack" to get some appointments made & people taught. 👍🏽 
Sister Centinnial and Sister Joshua
Last Monday, we got to hangout with the Centennial/Joshua Sisters. We love them!!! After dinner, we drove over to Euless for exchanges. Sister Josephson came back to Mansfield with me, while Sister Eddington stayed in Euless with Sister Brohamer. 
Exchanges with the Euless sisters! Sister Brohammer and Sister Josephson!

Tuesday, was busy busy. We started off the day with exchanges with one of our wonderful Relief Society presidents. We did some service at the Wesley Mission Center. They're so cute. Went down to Venus to go & see our Sanchez family. Boy oh boy! They're just wonderful. We took a member with us & it was just wonderful. This member has a daughter that just got back from her mission & come to find out, she served in the same mission that Jason, (The Sanchez's son), is currently serving in now. Having someone that could speak Spanish to them was super awesome too. Sister Eddington & I both feel that the more members we expose them to, the better chance of them feeling comfortable & taking that big step & coming to church. Like I said last week, having members present during lessons are perfect. Do it as often as you can missionaries 😊
Thank you, Aunty Jody Africa for the care package!
Wednesday, we actually had a district meeting haha. With all the crazy big meetings lately, we hadn't had a chance to have a district meeting till last week. All y'all need to know is, the meeting was powerful, as they usually are. We counseled about the things that we have changed in our efforts to find & teach as changes have been made recently. We also talked about things we've learned along the way & things that have worked for us thus far. It was really awesome to hear testimonies being borne of conversion & how they've adjusted to some changes. I definitely was edified. It was great! 
Just for laughs!

Thursday & Friday I was stuffed up thanks to allergies. 😷 I am beyond grateful for loving members who go out of their way to make sure that we're healthy & okay. It's nice to know someone cares. We are stocked up with meds for the rest of my mission haha. So thankful!  
Grateful for members who stocked us up with allergy meds!
Thursday night, we had yet again another awesome Preach My Gospel class with the youth. Dang, have I told y'all how much I love them? Sheesh, they're on fire & it's just amazing to see them grow in the gospel each week. It's been so fun to work closely with them. They definitely strengthen my testimony. Oh, we got to meet with Kenny again on Friday. We're asking for lots of prayers for him please. He's going through a difficult time right now & is thinking about pushing his baptism date back 😕darn! Pray for him please. He's been really down in the dumps lately. We got to have a really good, spirit directed, meeting with him. He opened up to us about some of his personal concerns & were truly grateful for that. It's sad to see those we love struggle, but sometimes we need to go through the struggle so we can more fully appreciate the happy times. Keep him close in your prayers please. 
Our favorite Sophia!

My Tanner ʻohana!
Saturday evening, we got to spend time with some of the wonderful sisters in 2nd Ward. We had a special dinner with cake & ice cream, to celebrate the 185 years of womanhood & sisterhood in the church. It was so fun! Did y'all just love the women's conference or what? I know I sure did. The messages were simple & powerful. They were all wonderful reminders to me that Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ know each of us personally by name. Perfect reminder to spend time & get to know our Lord & Savior more personally. Notice how most of what they talked about, isn't so new to us. After all, the gospel is based on basic principles. We need to find time, actually we need to make time for the Lord. "Take time to be holy." Man, it was such an awesome meeting. Super stoked for Conference this weekend. Whoop whoop 😆 
Saturday Womenʻs Conference and RS Birthday dinner!
Sunday was an awesome Sunday. All the talks & testimonies given were very touching & powerful. It seemed like every talk or testimony given, was an answer to not just my prayer but those around me. That's usually the case, but being able to recognize it gives it a whole different meaning. We got to meet a wonderful man who decided to come & attend our services, because he really wanted a Christian, Christ centered, Sunday. He unfortunately, does not live in our area, but his example left a big impact on me. He had a desire, was willing & acted. Something so simple yet hard to do at times. Lately I've been trying to change up my prayers, instead of asking for help or faith to get through something, I've been asking for help to act on the faith that I've been given. Let me just say, asking for faith to act instead of just asking for faith, has been really cool. I've noticed that I've been more sensitive to the Spirit & I've learned, that if we don't have the courage to act, then we truly aren't exercising our faith either. After all, faith without works is dead. It's amazing to take the time to recognize we're we've fallen short & taking that small step forward to try & get back up. In the Book of Mormon, we read in Alma 37:6, "by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass." No, it's not an easy thing to do but it's very worth it. In the end, all is required of us is that we try. Man, I love this gospel so much. My testimony is growing everyday & that's because I'm doing the little things. The little things really do make the biggest difference in our lives. I hope we all can be better at doing the little things. I pray that we each will make time for the Lord & the little things that he has asked of us. I know that as we do so, we each will become more converted & better disciples of him, in helping him carry out his work here on earth. I love each of y'all!!! Mahalo for all the loves, prayers, support & strength that you each give to me. Have a beautiful week friends & fam. Love y'all so very much. Until next week.....

Hurrah for Israel!! 

P.S. 🎉🎊🎁🎈HAPPY HAPPY belated 20th birthday to my hoahānau, Kaleohano. I love you & miss you so much!!! Hope Utah is treating you well & I hope you're still working hard to play ball. Update me please!!! Haha. & HAPPY HAPPY belated 85th birthday to my sweet great grandma, Granny. I love you & miss you so much as well. I'm sure the ʻohana took you out & spoiled you. I hope you had a great day! 😘

Me ke aloha,
Sister Kawa'a 🤙🏽

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