Monday, April 3, 2017

If we are faithful to the Lord, he will be faithful in blessing us ❤

Little Skarlet
Hi family!!!! 😊
How's everyone doing this week? I hope everyone is feeling edified & rejuvenated, after feeling the Spirit & rejoicing together this weekend. Wasn't General Conference amazing? 😍 I hope we each were able to feel the love from our Savior & our Father in Heaven. I know I sure did. Well, another week has flown on by. Week 67 was filled with miracles & crazy weather. Let's talk about the crazy weather first. So, early Wednesday morning, at about 2am, I woke up cause of power outage (no a/c), & to big flashes of lightning, followed with thunder & lots & lots of rain. Sounded like craziness outside. I will admit, I got a little scared & so I woke my companion up, not very gently or quietly haha. Thank goodness I have such a loving & patient companion who woke up & stayed up with me. She's awesome!!!! 😏 Our power ended up not coming back on till about9:30am. When we finally went outside to go on exchanges, we found out that all the schools were closed & saw lots of random damage from the storm. Some neighborhoods were untouched, while others had roof damage & fences broken because of big trees that fell on them. It's was crazy. I'll tell you one thing, the maintenance workers (yard work crew) had plenty of work, that's for sure. I'm just grateful that despite the storm & minor damages, we were safe! The Lords servants are always protected while on his errand. I can surely testify of that.  What a great blessing of peace & comfort to be able to know of this, first hand. Very grateful! 
When your comp doesnʻt want to take a selfie but you do! LOL!

Fun with our favorite Francoms!

Okay, on to the more spiritual parts of the week. We got to see the sweet Sanchez family. They are doing so well. We brought a member with us, (Valerie), who just got back from serving her mission, in the same mission where Jason (their son) is serving. Santiago, Chile. She was so perfect. They were very excited & happy to finally meet her, after hearing so much about her. She was able to connect with them very quickly & the fact that she speaks Spanish, was a huge blessing as well. We talked more about the role of the Holy Ghost & how to recognize it. It ended being a very powerful & Spirit driven lesson. We read Alma 32 with them and it struck a deep cord about needing to act and make changes when the seed is good. They are eager to change and draw nearer to the spirit, & they understand they are on the right track now. We committed them to watching Conference with us & guess what? Our Bishop & his sweet family, invited them over & they came. We were so happy that they finally acted on the feelings & promptings that they have felt. Later in the evening, we received a sweet text from them expressing how much fun they had with us, while watching Conference. They're slowly getting it & it's such a privilege to watch them grow in the gospel. They're countenance just shines & radiates Christ light & love. Keep praying for them please. 
The sweet Sanchez family watching conference at Bishop Sweetʻs house!

We had a wonderful time at mutual. We got to help the young women with personal progress. It was really cool because, we got to get Addison, (one of our investigators), started on her personal progress. It was really fun & she just loves young women & the youth are so loving & kind to her & to each other. Once again, her eagerness & willingness to learn & grow is so amazing to see. Please continue to keep her & her sister in your prayers. Update on Kenny. He is doing much better. We got to watch a session of General Conference with him & he was a lot more happier & more of himself. The Spirit touches people in ways that we can't. I am grateful that I am worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. As we've learned, specially from this weekend, the Holy Ghost is a gift, given to help us, teach us & guide us. The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, testifies of truth & warns us of danger. I am so grateful that the Holy Ghost has been present, in lots of different occasions in my life. I'm especially grateful that the Spirit was able to touch Kenny & testify to him, that what he is being taught is true. Please continue to pray for him. We're going to start the lessons over with him from the beginning, to make sure he has a better understanding of the simple truths of the gospel. I thank you for your prayers on his behalf, because I know he feels them & I know they're being heard & answered. Thanks y'all!! 
We did some service in between conference!

Good news, we have a new investigator 😁 after all, nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach. Ain't that a true statement! Our new investigators name is Alex. He is a friend of one of the youth in our ward. Alex is GOLDEN!!! Golden means that he is very much prepared. Long story short, he is agnostic, which basically means that he just has no religious background at all. We asked him why he wanted to meet with us & what his expectations are when meeting with us, & he began to tell us that he just had this urge & strong desire one day, to learn more about God or this "being" & he felt drawn to the Mormon religion. He later asked one of his friends at school (who was reading a Book of Mormon), if it was a good read, which later lead him to asking another friend, if he could to go to church with him & then he asked for a Book of Mormon. He's been coming to church ever since & loves reading the Book of Mormon. This kid is solid. As we taught him & with the help of the Spirit & his wonderful friend (who's a member, mind you), he was able to understand & feel something different. Before teaching him, he explained how he was attending another Christian church to study more about the Bible & he's attending our church to study the Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson & because we used references from the Bible, he said, "you know what? After this week, because there is no church, next week, I'm coming to this church." I know that the only reason why he said that, was because he felt the Spirit testify truths to his heart. He had an open mind & a willing heart to hear the words of God & to feast upon it. It's just amazing. He also watched Conference & told us that he loved being able to hear & see the prophets. He's so great!!!!!! Keep him in your prayers too please 😄
Oh, you know, just holding a snake!

I love horses!
Well family, sorry for such a long email. So many good things are happening & thanks be to God for it. I want to leave you with my testimony, that Christ truly is at the head & in the center of this church. He has commanded us to follow him & be as he once was & is. He sees & knows our potential so let's work at it & strive to fulfill all that is required of us. No, we are not perfect & I sure am far from perfect, but hey, let's strive to be perfect in trying. We had such a blessed & wonderful opportunity to hear & have living prophets & apostles today. Chosen servants & special witnesses of Christ. Witnesses of his authority, his priesthood & his mission. What a blessing it is to be able to hear from them twice a year & to see the examples that they set for us. I testify that this church is true. I don't say it to just say words. I say it with conviction because I have gained a personal witness that the truths taught in this church are sacred & were restored by Jospeh Smith. He was & is the prophet of the restoration. He, through the love, grace & power of God, did what no other human being could do. He was persecuted & rejected by many who wouldn't believe & guess what? So was Christ. I know that God the father & his son Jesus Christ live. I have grown to love the gospel so much & I want all who are willing to partake to come & learn of the great blessings & eternal joys that this gospel brings. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, love & joy for my Savior, Jesus Christ, for my Father in Heaven & for all those who have been & continue to be such great examples to me. Both past & present brothers & sisters. Family & friends, today is the day that we get up, get out & continue to fight the good fight. Let us not forget, yes, there must be opposition in all things, but the powers of Heaven are much more rewarding & a lot more fulfilling. As reminded my our dear prophet, "Let us ever choose the harder right, then the easier wrong." I leave you my witness & of these things, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Love you families!!! 😘 See y'all in 100 days 😍 

Hurrah for Israel!! 
Yes, we still sleep with Teddy Bears!

Me ke aloha,
Sister Kawa'a

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  1. Your textimony is such a great blessing to me and those around you! Youre awesome i will never forget you! Love hugs