Monday, December 19, 2016

365 Days on the Lordʻs Errand!

Iʻll never forget you, Sis. Willey! I love you forever!
Aloha my sweet family! 😍
First things first, IT IS FREEZING!!!!! No bueno 🙅🏽 This week has been crazy busy & I love it!!!!! Last week consisted of goodbyes & hellos. We had a bittersweet pday last week. I was mostly bummed cuz lots of my fellow "friends" were going home. Man, goodbyes are getting harder & harder for me but aye, someone wise once told me that change is good. It's hard sometimes but, it's good. Tuesday, Sister Wiley & I went & did service with the zone leaders at the food pantry. It was so fun until we were leaving & I explained to them that it was my last day there. Man, I really don't like goodbyes. It's awesome though now cuz the workers there, will continue to have a really good relationship with the Elders & Sisters that will do service there 🤗 For lunch, we went to Outback with the Zone Leaders for Elder Taylor's "last supper" haha. After that, we had a really good visit with a less active. She opened up & told us more about her & the hard life that she had. We reassured her that Heavenly Father loves her so much & wants her to be happy. Sister Willey & I both know that it's hard to come back but, it's so worth it. 
Lunch at Outback with Elder Taylor
We took the rest of the night & said goodbye to some of the many dear people, who have touched my life & loved me. No words can express my gratitude for the support that I continue to receive on my mission ❤️️ 
The Blackburns (Watauga Ward)
The Saʻafiʻs (Watauga Ward)

The Hemphils (Watauga Ward)
Mom, Pop and brother Jacob! My mission parents in Watauga Ward - The Villarreals!
My Samoan Sunga, Donna! (Watauga Ward)
The Whittaker family! (Watauga Ward)
Wednesday, was transfers. Filled with SO many mixed emotions. Torn apart cuz I was being transferred but, excited at the same time to be in a new area with not just 1 companion, but 2 companies 🤔 My 2 beautiful companions are Sisters Eddington & Chisholm. The best trio ever so far!!!!! We spent most of the day trying to get settled in & trying to figure everything out since we are "white washing" 2 wards. We went to the church after dinner & got to meet some of the awesome youth & participate in their fun white elephant activity. Love the youth!!! 
My new comps - Sis. Chisholm and Sis. Eddington! The BEST trio EVER!
Having fun already!
Thursday, we had our weekly planning & we also had to take Sister Chisholm to get a root canal. Friday, we spent most of the day on exchanges with one of our ward missions Leaders, Brother Hoelze. We went out & he helped us try to meet people that the previous missionaries were working with. It was great. Busy, busy, busy for sure. That day was super cool cuz we had 2 less active sisters, welcome us in with open arms & tell us that they were so happy to have sister missionaries in the ward cuz sister missionaries taught them. Talked about being placed at a specific time for a specific reason. God is so wonderful. 
Generations Picture! My "mom" Sis. Matson (comp #1), my "daughter" Sis. Slade (comp #2) and my "daughter" Sis. Willey (comp #4)
Saturday we celebrated my 1 year mark 🎉 a day late, cuz we were way too busy on Friday to do it. We went to Olive Garden & as we were going to pay for our meal, the waitress told us that our meal was already paid for & that the people who took care of it wanted to remain anonymous. We found out later that it was a family that Sister Chisholm knew in her previous area. Totally made our day!!!! Miracle! 😊 Sunday was our first Sunday. Now that we cover 2 wards, we have church like ALL day. I kind of like it haha. So, the wards here in Mansfield have a tradition where they come together as a ward & buy Christmas presents for the missionaries. Oh my goodness, talk about feeling loved!!!! We are so loved here in both of our wards. We received SO many things like lotions, fuzzy socks, scarfs, makeup, toilet paper & lots & lots of food. Again, no words can express the gratitude that I feel so far. I will be honest, I was freaking out when I found out that I would be transferred. I really just had to put my faith in God & allow him to help me trust that he knows what he's doing. So far, as I have done this, he has reassured me that Mansfield is where I need to be right now & that Watauga will also have a special place in my heart just like Azle. 
Sister Francom (Mansfield 2nd Ward) welcomed us with new Lula Roe dresses!
I want y'all to know that I love my Heavenly Father so much. I have found that I continue to humble myself & truly let him take over, that he really does take care of EVERYTHING. If we put our trust in him, he can & he will make everything work out. Not on our time, but on his time. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ cuz he has made it possible for me to overcome any challenge or hard time that I have or ever will be faced with. Everything's a lot more easy when we humbly submit to the will of the Father & follow the perfect example of his Son. Know I feel y'alls love & thank y'all so much for the support. Let us be more willing to do what Heavenly Father requires of us to do. Love y'all!!!!! Until next week.....have a blessed week. God love you!!!!!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

With Love,
Sister Kawa'a 💙

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