Monday, November 7, 2016

He Calls the Qualified and Qualifies the Called!

Aloha family!!!! 😊
Man, this week went by way too fast again. It also was a weird week.....I think the weather had a lot to do with it 🤔 we've been focusing a lot this week on finding our less Actives since we have a lot. Last week for Halloween, we had a zone pday & we had a waffle party & just chilled with everyone since transfers was that Wednesday. Good news! I'm not going anywhere haha. 
Halloween at the Stake Center!
Saying good bye to these guys!

Later that evening, since we couldn't really do anything, we hung out at the Villarreals home & it was so fun!!!!!!!! Shout out to people like them for ALWAYS taking good care of us. 
Halloween at the Villarreals!
Tuesday & Wednesday we did service at the food pantry. Spent the rest of the day contacting. Thursday we spent most of the day at Chevy to get our car fixed 🚗 We got to even share the gospel a little bit more with Nancy who's super bomb & took such good care of us. Too bad she's not in our area but hey, we're planting seeds 👌we also got to meet with Mr. Lynn. Ohhh boy!!!! We broke down the nature of God with him & that was cool. He believes so much of what we believe but helping him recognize it is kind of difficult. Nonetheless, he's slowly progressing. We also got to see the Blackburn family. Their having a tough time cuz their daughter wants to study a different faith that they don't agree with & that basically denounces Christ so, we talked to them about agency & how we have a loving Heavenly Father who will NEVER leave us, even if we far so far off the path. We just need to pray for them & their family. 
Dinner with the Rose family!
Friday, was a super little tender mercy. I remember that morning, Sister Willey prayed that we would have success & that doors would be open unto us as we went out & tried to find some less active families that we planned on finding. Every single person that we planned on seeing was home & if they moved, we talked to the people that live their now. It was a tender mercy for me cuz it helped me recognize the Lords hand in my life. It was super cool to have our prayers answered & to be able to be a light in someone's life. 
Itʻs all about SERVICE!
Got stung by a BEE!
One thing I've learned is, people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. If we take the time to listen, the Lord will loose our tongues & give us the necessary skills to help strengthen our brothers & sisters. I love the Lord! Saturday, we totally woke up late.....none of our alarms went off for some odd reason but the day went good. We got to see Alana & we read the Book of Mormon with her. She's doing so well. She's still nervous to tell her family about how she has a desire to be baptized, so please continue to pray for her. After dinner, we went to Stake Conference. Ohh man it was good! Elder Curtis & Elder Villarreal (who's Brother Villarreal's brother), came & spoke to us & reorganized our stake & also made a new stake. The talks that were given were so awesome & inspired. Talked a lot about conversion & how we are here in this earth to become & help others become like our Heavenly Father & Savior, Jesus Christ. It was awesome!!!! 
Our Texas Fort Worth Mission hats!
Found an American Girl doll while giving service!
Sunday, we witnessed a spiritual stake Conference & a wonderful & inspired change. Something's that stood out to me was, change can be painful & hard sometimes but change can also be wonderful & very exciting. When change happens, we need not question, but we must exercise our faith & put our trust in our Lord. He calls the qualified & qualifies the called. We must have faith that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. To get such strength, we must be doing the little things. Pray, scripture study & church attendance. When we do so, we are will draw closer unto Him & we will want to trust him even that much more. It takes time to be converted so we need to be patient, obedient & diligent in all that we do. Some things are easier said then done but as we take time to do it, we will see miracles & we will be blessed. I love y'all so so so much!!!! Thanks for all the love & support. I hope y'all are staying happy & heathy! Keep doing the little things. God love you ❤ have a blessed week! Until next week....
Hurrah for Israel! 


Sister Kamalani Kawa'a 😘
Saying goodbye!

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