Monday, September 19, 2016

Willingly Put the Lord First and Become His Hands

My favorite place in the whole wide world! I love to see the Temple! (Dallas, Texas)
What's up beautiful people!!!!!
So, first things first! Guess who's expecting another child? Me!!! 😁 I have been called to be a trainer again. In missionary terms, if you're called as a trainer, you're like the "parent" & the new missionary becomes your baby cuz it's your job to help them get familiar & adjust to missionary life. She'll be fresh from the MTC & I'll meet her on transfer day which is Wednesday. I'm so pumped!! That means I'll be staying in Watauga until at least December, which is good cuz things are finally starting to go somewhere. So here's how the week went. Last week Monday, we had the norm Pday chill day stuff. We also had exchanges with the awesome sister training leaders. I went to Highland Station with Sister Hilton & Brohamer stayed in Watauga with Sister Eaton. So funny story, Sister Hilton is from Kaysville, Utah & was totally in the same ward as my hapa haole Brudder Cody & the Mortensen family. Super small world! 

The Sister Training Leaders
Tuesday when I got back from exchanges, we went to dinner & then visited the sweet Telshow family. It was awesome! Later that night, President Whitney called & asked me to train & that's how we found out about transfers. I'm super excited but nervous all at the same time. It will be great! Earlier that day, Brohamer & Easton tracked into a potential investigator named Dana, who totally wants to learn more. Apparently they already have 3 Book of Mormons & her husband takes one with him to work. They're really new to the area too so super awesome!!!! We're definitely gonna see if they want to start taking the discussions. Please pray for them!!!

Sister Whitney, our Mission President's beautiful wife.
Wednesday we went to the food pantry. Some of our friends that work there got super sad when they found out that Sister Brohamer is leaving. They're so cute. It's nice to know that people actually care yah know?! We got to even have 2 other lessons there. Got to teach this sweet lady about our purpose in life & how God has a plan for each of us. It was great! Later that night, we went & taught the young women about family history. I love the young women!! 😊 
Sister Pasikala
Thursday we went & did our weekly planning. We also visited Brandy, who we haven't gotten to see in a while. That was nice. We had dinner with the Hemphills & then we went & saw Lynn & Lisa. They ended up taking us out for dessert & it was fun. Lynn keeps thinking about baptism & knows that it's the right thing to do. He's just being stubborn & doesn't want to do it. We did have a spiritual lesson with him about the importance of baptism & why we keep pushing him to do it. We just continue to pray that his heart will be softened. 
Lynn and Lisa
Friday was an awesome day! We had a meeting in the morning for the new trainers, which was fun & super good. Always a privilege to see & hear from President Whitney. Love him! Then after lunch, we headed to Dallas with Sister Villarreal to attend the temple to celebrate my half way mark 🎉 I'm so thankful for members who are always so willing to help us out in anyway possible. I absolutely love the temple. Every time I go, I learn more & more about the gospel & what Heavenly Father has planned for me. If you haven't gone in a while, I challenge you to go! Make the necessary plans & just go! I promise you that you'll have more peace in your life as you go with an open heart & a willingness to learn & grow. It works every time for me & I love it!!! Oh, I also got to see Bishop & Sister Leonard from Azle. That was so awesome!!!! 🤗
The FABULOUS Sister Villarreal! We love her so much!
Sister Villarreal took us to Carlos Bakery! So much fun!
Saturday was a busy fast day. We went & visited the sweet Farrar family in the morning. Then we had lunch with Sister Saafi & some of her family that was in town. It was super fun. Side note, her nephew Preston, (who was Elder Vaenuku at the time), served back in Maui & just had returned home with honor a few weeks ago. It was super cool to see him again & catch up. The island "accent" is so real. I guess I just never noticed we had an accent haha. Anyways, after lunch we met with this less active sister who we've been trying to meet with for a while now. She's super awesome & was grateful for us just showing up. Sometimes people don't really like that but, she was all for it. Hopefully we'll be able to work with her more & help her & her kids come back 😊 they're so great! Then after dinner with the Cotton family, we went & visited the Blackburns. I love them!!!! They need to come to church though. Satan is working extra hard on them but we continue to pray for them & help them in any way possible. 
The awesome Cotton family! We got to teach their teenage son.
Sunday also went by fast. We had a great Sunday! Shout out to Sister Merriefield & her daughter Sydney for singing such a beautiful musical selection at church. It was so beautiful!!! Other than that, it was a pretty busy week. I just need to say that this ward is awesome. We have a handful of families who are always going above & beyond to help us fulfill our callings as full-time missionaries. It's so great to feel supported & loved by those who you serve amongst. It really does make a different when you have people who truly try & willingly choose to put the Lord first & become his hands. Let's reach out & help our missionaries carry out the work by befriending our neighbors, or lending a helping hand. It starts with us. There's no comfort in the growth zone & no growth in the comfort zone. I love you guys so much & I continue to pray for each of y'all. Thanks for everything!!!!!! Have a fabulous week my sweet ʻohana. Until next week ☺️Hurrah For Israel!!!
Trying to be CUTE at the temple! LOL!
Love always,
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a 😘

P.S. HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU to my mini-me Keaolani Hōkūleʻaokeaouli Hosino!!!!! I love you & miss you so much Leʻa!!!! Stop growing up so fast man. I hope you had a beautiful & fun birthday up in Utah! Must've been a big change, but I know mum & dad & your brothers & sister made it a good one for you. Be good & I'll see you soon!!!

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