Monday, August 1, 2016

The Lord Always Prepares a Way!

What's good in the neighborhood??? 🤔

Hey hey!!! How are y'all? What's new? I hope y'all are having a great Monday 😊 this week was different. I feel like we didn't really do much but somehow the week went by really quick. Weird! Well, last week Monday was a normal Pday. Did the usual. Nothing too exciting. We had dinner with Sister Sa'afi at Chipotle. Love that lady!!! Tuesdaywe went & did service at the food pantry with the zone leaders. It was fun! We ended up getting a lot done. We had a really good lesson later that night with Brother Glenn & his mum who's a 92 year old nonmember. We talked about the October 2008 General Conference talk called, "finding joy in the journey." By President Monson. It was awesome! We're trying to work on getting him back to church. Kind of difficult with having to care for him mum but we know that the Lord will provide a way. 
Pday with my amazing companion, Sister Brohammer!
Wednesday we had a really short district meeting cuz the district leaders had an appointment. Nonetheless, we received a good training on having more member present lessons & on always having the Spirit of the Lord with us. It was great!  After lunch, we went & visited Brittanie. We took Sister Blenkenfeld with us & it was perfect. We taught her her last new member lesson & it was such a good lesson. After dinner, we had another great lesson. We went on exchanges with Sister Villareal & went & visited a less active guy name Jason Smith. It was such a good lesson. We talked about the blessings of the temple which was perfect cuz he hadn't been to the temple in years. We're gonna start working with him to get him there soon 😊

Baby Ellie! I just love her!
Thursday, weekly planning always takes up all the time but eh, it's super useful. After doing that, we tried to visit some people but the rain totally came out of no where. That was fun & most of them weren't home anyway. We will get um next time👌🏽After dinner, our appointment ended up cancelling on us 👎🏽but it's okay. We ended up trying to contact more people but it just wasn't going right. Just one of those days. Friday we showed up with the district leaders & zone leaders to do service at the food pantry but, there were too many people so, we ended up going to the animal shelter instead. It was fun! Got a lot done & everyone was so appreciative. After lunch, we went & tried contacting a few people again. We got to meet a new family that just moved in to our ward & they're so cute! We had a good lesson with them & shared with them the video, "because of him." It went super good. 
Then just before dinner, we decided to try & set up a return appointment with a new referral that we got who's name is Richard Twendele. He wasn't home so we left our info with his kids. Then after dinner with the Roy family, we got like 3 missed calls from him. We finally called him back & when we told him that we were the missionaries, the next thing he said was, "yes! I need to see you!" It was the cutest thing. We were able to set an appointment with him for the next day & he was very happy & sounded very grateful. Definitely was the highlight of my night.
Thank you for the care packages!
Saturday we went to the animal shelter again. Then we had lunch & a lesson with Lynn & brother Fergo. We couldn't really "teach" him anything but we did have some good discussions. Then we went out & tried to contact a few people but we weren't too successful. Then we had a BBQ for dinner at the Merriefield home & the Cotton family came. It was great. We got to even answer some of Todd's questions that he had since he's not a member & as we were leaving he said, "see y'all at church!" It was great!!! Then we went over & met with Richard Twendele & his beautiful family. Such a humble & sweet family. The first words out of his mouth were, "how do I become member of your church?" We were shocked for sure. They're from Africa & they speak French so it's kind of hard to teach them but they speak pretty good English & understand more then they can speak. It was super cool to see how the spirit touched them as we taught them that night. It was amazing! Please pray for him & his family. He works on the weekends & won't be able to attend church so please pray that he'll be able to attend church asap 👌🏽oh & another cool thing, when we got home to our apartment, we were looking through our book of Mormons that we have & just so happened to find a French Book of Mormon. Talk about a miracle! Excited to give it to them the next time we meet!
Sunday was another good Sunday. Todd came to church 😁 it was great! Now we just need to get our other investigators to start coming too lol. Sister Brohamer & I taught sharing time for primary. It was fun! Love those little munchkins. After dinner, we went & visited Christy Martinez again. It was a little awkward cuz we couldn't really "teach" but she still enjoyed having us over to visit. The work is going good here in Watauga. Slow but good! It is just amazing to see how the Lord prepares the way for us to accomplish all that he asks of us. Just like as it says in 1 Nephi 3:7. He prepared the way for us to be able to get in contact with the Twendele family & he also provided a ways for them to be able to read the Book of Mormon in a language that is familiar to them. It's amazing how much the Lord loves each & every one of us. I know that he truly only wants the best for his children. Just like what any good parent would want for their children. It's amazing to see so many miracles here, whether it be a big one or a really small tender mercy. I am thankful for the experiences that I have each day while on this sacred journey. Time here is going quick for me. The secret to life is to enjoy the little things. I love y'all so very much & I am so blessed to be able to share my experiences with y'all & vice versa. I hope you all have a blessed we week!!! I love you guys 💞
Sister Kamalani Kawa'a😘

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